Reward or Punishment?

If someone were to pray this prayer for you, how would you feel about it?
~ Lord, remember her for the works she is doing today. ~
In other words, “Lord, respond to her, treat her, judge her by the things she is doing right now.” Would that cause you to perk up and watch for God’s blessing because your heart has been one of obedience, kindness, support of God’s work and an eagerness to respond to the Lord’s leading?  Or would you look over your shoulder and blush, or fear what may come because your heart has been bitter, disobedient, stubborn and resistant?

Nehemiah was finished with the building of the wall, and Sandy and Toby, as I affectionately call them, are still opposing him. They’ve set up a trap for Nehemiah, hoping to hinder him yet. Rather than fall for their devices, he simply prays, “My God, think thou upon Tobiah and Sanballat according to these their works,” 

There’s a lot of wisdom in his prayer. Rather than praying God will destroy them or cause evil to come upon them, he just simply asks the Lord to remember them for the works they were doing. God knew their hearts; Nehemiah did not. Nehemiah is trusting a sovereign God to view the situation and respond to these men according to what they were dishing out.

May you and I take away two things from this example:

  1. Do what is right and don’t be a hindrance to God’s work. Then if God remembers you according to your work, it will be with a reward and accompanied with His smile and blessing!
  2. Pray for your “opposition” the way Nehemiah did.  God, the Just Judge will punish as is necessary and will  give according to what He knows they’re doing. All will be right!
There’s nothing to fear when you’re doing what is right!  So do what is right!

With love,

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