Freshen Up Friday

 Inexpensive Window Coverings

Back in October, I hung some curtains using cloth napkins attached to a tension rod using curtain clips (found at Lowe’s).  I love the idea of using the napkins because they’re so inexpensive and I can change them out seasonally. I loved this look for fall and winter… 

Now that spring is here, I felt the need to lighten up the color a bit.  I found a package of four napkins for $6!  I only need two, so I may use the other two to carry out the colors and theme in another part of the kitchen, like on a tray or in a basket.  But here’s the new spring window…

Curtains and blinds can be really pricey, so I’ve tried to come up with some creative and inexpensive ways to cover the windows.  Here’s the “shade” I made for the bedroom window…

Don’t mind the huge empty spot between the windows.
We’re still deciding what to put there!

I wanted privacy at night, but something that would allow the light to pour in during the day.  This shade can be drawn up or let down.

 I basically just cut a piece of heavy cotton fabric ( a remnant I found) that fit inside the window, plus a few inches, then hemmed it all the way around.  A beginning sewer could do this!

 In the guest room I hung four panels of sheer curtains.  The extreme fullness gives the privacy necessary, but also keeps the sunshine from coming in during the day – something I didn’t like.  I love the light being able to peek in, so I decided I needed to add a tie back for this window. Sheers don’t come with tie backs, so I had to make something.   I decided on whimsical and shabby chic, and went with burlap.  The holes in the fabric make it possible to slip them over the straight pin that I nailed into the woodwork (I use straight pins for as much as possible so it makes littler holes!).

Okay, so the sun isn’t shining in because I failed to get a picture in the daylight,
but you get the idea!

I made the roses by starting with the inside “bud” part of the flower and twisting it around, allowing it to “fluff” and make the petals.  It is pinned in the back of the flower, then hung onto the straight pin!

If you need to freshen up a window, but don’t have lots of money for shades, curtains, or tie backs, I hope this inspires you!  Spruce up your home with something you can easily make yourself for next to nothing!

Do you have any windows that need attention?  Have you done something creative that you should share with us?  I’d love to hear!

Don’t let anything keep you from being in a Bible preaching church Sunday so you can

Be refreshed,

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