Freshen Up Friday

With our recent move into a new home, I’ve been looking for inexpensive ways to cover the windows without sacrificing charm!  Better Homes and Gardens had a great picture that inspired me for a clever fix for my kitchen window.  I had already hung a valance, but needed a cafe curtain for the bottom.  Here was the idea:

I used two cloth napkins attached to a tension rod using Curtain Clips!  

I found the cloth napkins at Kohl’s.  Any big department store is a good place to look because they have really beautiful fabrics.  These were on sale for $2!  The curtain clips were found at Lowes in the aisle where the curtain hooks are.  They were around $6 for the package of 12.  I used 8 for these curtains, so I still have some for another window treatment!  I love the idea of changing out the napkins even seasonally.  At $2 each, I could have a new set for each month!  =)

If you need a new look, why not Freshen up a window with this simple idea?!

Be refreshed,

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