A Peek From my Porch

Do you remember how you felt when you were a child and came home after a great week at camp or vacation? It was hard to contain your excitement about all you experienced, and in your childishness, you would tell anyone that would listen as you bubbled over about all the details! I wish you could come sit a spell on my porch with me, because that’s exactly how I feel about being in Alaska last week! I have so many wonderful things I would love to share and a ton of beautiful pictures to show. Since that’s not possible (unless you stop by for a visit), the next best thing is for me to share a few of my favorite things as I give you just a peek from my porch.

  1. The best thing about being in Alaska was getting to share God’s Word with the ladies at the retreat. What a wonderful privilege it is to open the Bible and teach them Truths that apply to their everyday lives. It’s wonderful to see how the Lord goes before me and prepares what I need to learn and what they need to hear. I am always amazed at my omniscient God!
  2. These dear folks were our hosts – John and Connie Judson.

    They are true servants of the Lord, laboring in an area that is so needful, yet difficult. They are so generous and gracious. They just can’t do enough for you. What a blessing to serve with them in their ministry – Gateway Baptist church!

  3. I got to see several Orcas – Killer Whales while at the lodge where the retreat was held!

    They were swimming and seemingly “playing” as they jumped up out of the water, giving us quite a show!

  4. While in Ketchikan, we took a walk around Ward Lake, then over to Frog Pond. It was beautiful and was the most peaceful, quiet place! We crossed this bridge…
    Then we stood and looked out at this…
    As we stood and listened to the stillness, my husband suggested we pray. We did, each one taking a turn to thank God for something, then pray for one of the ladies at the retreat that had just concluded. God hears all the prayers of His children, but as we prayed in the beauty of God’s creation, it seemed we were in heaven itself with God’s ear leaning in.

    5. Following our trip to Alaska, we tagged on two extra days so we could go to Seattle on the first day. We went Cutters Crab house in Seattle for a late lunch. Oh. my. goodness. The food was out of this world. This picture is of my handsome traveling partner =) and his open faced Crab Sandwich. Whew – about both!

    6. The second day of our “tag” trip, we rented a car and drove nearly 500 miles(!) round trip to Whistler, British Columbia. The views on our way there were stunning – as you can see in the picture below.
Thanks for letting me show you my camp Alaska pictures! I have lots more wonderful memories, but those are a handful of my favorites. Many people were praying for us as we traveled, and I thank you if you were one of them!

The Lord is so good to allow us to serve Him, and we get to do so in some wonderful places. East Tennessee is my favorite place, though, and it sure is good to be back in my home and on my porch!

What is your favorite travel adventure – near or far?

From my country porch,

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