Make Time For Rest

Today we are home.

On purpose.

There is no current sickness pushing us down, it is only the need to take a breath.  A deep one.  We have opted to say no to ministry, fellowship or busyness for a couple days so that we might rest.

Oh the bliss of sleeping in, reading, browsing through old photo albums and reminiscing, laughing and even weeping.

I read this on (in)courage yesterday –

Saying yes to rest means saying no to good things. 
But taking regular time off is not a punishment 
or a dare 
or a rule. 
It’s a gift. 
It’s taking a day to open your hands toward heaven 
and acknowledging that 
you don’t make the world go around.

I smiled as I read that, knowing that these two days of rest are indeed a gift.  I do not make the world go around, and if I don’t rest from time to time, I can’t even make myself stand up!  These two days are bliss.  We will be more ready for the rest of the week with rested bodies and minds.  “Thank you, Lord for rest.”

Do you need to stop what you’re doing for a day and enjoy the gift of rest?  Schedule it.  Plan for it.  You need it.  So does your family.  Ask the Lord when it could happen, then stay home and enjoy each moment of this special gift from a God who knows you need it.


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