A Peek From My Porch

A Peek Into My Life This week

All ready for my students!

Earlier this summer I was privileged to host a neighborhood Bible Club for our church.  I loved having a couple of the neighborhood children attend each of the five days.  I saw a hunger in their eyes to learn more as we finished out that week, so I began to pray about hosting an After School Bible Club for them.  They were so excited when they learned about it!

Yesterday was our fourth club.  I told my husband that if I didn’t accomplish anything else all week long but have Bible club with those two children, I would feel like I’ve accomplished great things!

Those little children are so eager to learn each week! One is a four-year old boy, so he’s a little squirmy, and to be honest some weeks I wonder if I’ve really gotten through to him.  The other child is a six yesr-old girl.  If you think of the sound a sponge makes when it’s drinking up water, that’s what it seems I hear from her the whole time she’s here!  We spend one hour together and it’s packed with activity.  Here’s what our time together looks like:

At 4:00, their little faces appear at my front door.  They’re smiling, waving and wiggling with excitement!  We go out to the back porch that’s covered from the sun.  I greet them with a hug and ask about what happened in their day.

I’m teaching them some simple songs.  Jesus Loves Me, The B-I-B-L-E, Obedience, and My God is So Big are some we’re working on.  We sing a few songs, then stop to pray and ask God to help them to learn about Him today.  We’re working on one memory verse for this quarter.  We practice saying it together after we sing.  Then comes story time!

After several different scenarios, I’ve found it’s best to have them in little chairs their size.  They sit in a chair while I sit in front of them and teach the Bible lesson from my open Bible.  How precious it is to see them watching intently as I’ve shared the truths of God answering Hannah’s prayer for a son, Samuel’s obedience to God’s voice calling him in the night, or God’s call of Saul, the first King.  After the story, we play a review game of different sorts, which they love and always ace!

I serve a simple snack, and ask one of them to thank God for it.  It’s precious to hear them pray.  I try to make correlation from our snack to the story.  While they eat, I read a true-to-life story that goes with the Bible story.

Then we finish with either a craft or game that goes along with the lesson.  Last week when we learned about King Saul, they each made a crown to wear and we talked about the fact that God is the best Ruler and we must obey Him!

The hour flies by!  They usually ask to repeat one of their favorite songs, and even the memory verse before our time is up.  Soon it’s time to send them home, crowns bouncing on their heads, as they head back to their house, anxious to tell their parents what they did at After school Bible Club.

I’m longing for the day when they understand salvation and receive Christ as their Savior, but until then, we’ll keep teaching, keep sharing, keep loving them and pointing them to Jesus.  It’s truly the highlight of my week, and I pray it is theirs, too.

In case you’re wondering what I use for curriculum, I found some discarded Sunday school material at our church that wasn’t being used.  I use that as my jumping off point.  There are great tools on the Internet for games, crafts and review games.  You could get your whole lesson just from these resources.  I supplement the lesson with these and other great sites.

If you peek onto my back porch on Tuesdays at 4:00 that’s what you’d see –  Oh, and my happy face beaming at those two precious children!

Are there children in your neighborhood with whom you could have a Bible club?  If a weekday isn’t open, you could use Saturday mornings.  Pray and ask the Lord if there’s a child or two out there who need to hear the Gospel from you.

With love from my country porch,

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