What’s Cookin’ in the Country?

About once a week I make us an egg-y breakfast.  I love a yolk that is runny – you know so you can dip your sour dough toast into that puddle of deliciousness.   I’ve struggled, though, with boiling the egg and the white still being a little too soft, then boiling it longer for the white and the yolk getting too hard.  Grrr.

That’s also one of my homemade cinnamon rolls on the plate.
You can find the recipe here.

However, I recently found the  best way to have a perfectly soft yolk without having to fry it or boil it too long and ruining the results!  The method is basically steaming the eggs.  Here’s the method:

Put about a half inch of water (yes, that’s all!)  in the pan and let it come to a boil.

Add your eggs, straight from the fridge.  Return to a boil and cover with a lid.  Set the timer for 6 1/2 minutes for large or extra large eggs – 6 minutes for medium eggs.

After the timer goes off, run cold water into pan for 30 seconds to stop the cooking process.

You will then be able to peel the eggs and they will be ready to eat with a soft, runny yolk!


What’s your favorite way to eat an egg?  I hope you’ll try this method if you enjoy a soft yolk.  I’ve done them several times now and they’ve turned out perfect each time!

With love from my country kitchen,

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