Come to the Table Prepared

Imagine being invited to a wonderful meal – it’s a banquet and the best foods will be served.  You excitedly pick out your favorite dress-up outfit and get all ready for this special event.  When you arrive, you’re directed to your seat.  The table is lovely.  There are plates before you – one with salad, one with bread, and the main plate placed in front of you is filled with a scrumptious steak and fluffy baked potato brimming with butter and sour cream.

However, you look and there’s something critical missing…the silverware!  It’s not on the sides of the plate nor is it rolled up in the napkin.  There’s none anywhere on the table, and you’ve come hungry, ready to eat!  You summons the waiter and explain to him that you have no silverware and are unable to eat your meal.

“You didn’t bring your own silverware?”  he asks.  “You knew you were going to be eating when you arrived.  Why didn’t you come prepared?”

“No one told me I should bring my own!” you explain.

“Ma’am, I’m sorry.  You’ll just have to remember what this food looked and smelled like when you go home.  Maybe that will be enough to sustain you,” laments the waiter.

You leave, still hungry, muttering under your breath about how ridiculous it is to think a person can be fed just by remembering what food was served at the banquet!

Now, think back to church last Sunday.  When you sat to listen to the preaching, did you come prepared for the banquet of God’s Word that was going to be fed to you?  Did you pull out your “utensils” – a notebook and a pen, so you could digest and eat heartily of the spiritual food?  Or did you fold your arms and listen,  thinking you could pull up to the table and be fed simply by remembering it later on?

It’s really no easier to be fed spiritually without being prepared as it is physically.  Why would we even think about attending church, a Bible study, Sunday school or our own Quiet Time without a pen and notebook ready so that we can eat heartily?    Do we really believe we’re going to hear from the Lord when His Word is opened?  If we do, we’ll be ready to “dig in” by coming fully ready to hear and record what God has said.

We can’t trust our memory to something so important!  Let’s make sure we come prepared whenever we sit at the Banquet Table of God’s Word – our spiritual nourishment depends on it!

Do you regularly make notes?  What is your method of recording what God says to you?

With love,

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