A Peek From My Porch

Like many other households in America, we are prepping for Thanksgiving!  I’m not hosting the event as I did last year.  I really loved having everyone here and having my house smell so wonderfully of the turkey dinner and its accompanying sides, but the next generation of family is hosting, and we’re excited about getting to join at their house and give thanks to the Lord for His innumerable blessings!

Last year’s decor at my house

I have to admit that it’s kind of nice not to have the stress of hosting the meal, but I think I’ve learned to chill a little more about everything.  It’s come through many years of unexpected events.  I really have a lot of unplanned Thanksgiving disasters memories.  It’s kind of funny.  For instance,

  • One year we all got the flu.  First the girls got it, then my husband and I got sick.  We got take out from the local grocery store deli when we were fit enough to get out!
  • One year I was hosting and had prepared for about 12-15.  Snow came in Indiana and only three of our family were able to make it in.  Talk about leftovers!
  • Another year my husband got the flu en route.  While the rest of the family celebrated, he sat in the recliner in the corner, covered with a blanket and looking green and PA-THETIC!  Poor guy.
  • Last year my lovely rolls were rising on the counter, covered and warm underneath clean dish towels.  A couple of the guys brought in crock pots with side dishes in them and seeing “just a towel lying on the counter, plopped placed their wife’s contribution on top of the towels!  It wasn’t just one who did this – it was two guys.  We did let them rise again (a friend suggested we now call them resurrection rolls since they had to rise again!), and then they were baked.  They had kind of funny shapes, but they tasted the same!

So if you’re hosting Thanksgiving, don’t let the “smashed rolls” ruin the meal.  It’s just food.  It’s just a spotted tablecloth.  It’s just lumpy potatoes.  The meal will still go on.  The family can still rejoice.  And then you’ll have a good memory to look back on and laugh about when the crumbs have been swept up, the leftovers are safely in the fridge, and the last load of dishes have been washed.

Count your blessings ~ even in the midst of the disasters that will undoubtedly occur!

With love,

4 thoughts on “A Peek From My Porch

  1. Great reminder of the reason we celebrate Thanksgiving. I too have learned to chill a little bit when it comes to the unimportant things thrown our way. Little tests is what I call them.


  2. Happy Thanksgiving and safe travels. I can relate to several of the same Thanksgiving disasters, er….memories. My 86-year old Dad is on his way from GA and we'll celebrate at my brother's home as we too have passed the torch to the younger generation. This is my favorite Holiday, blessed beyond measue.


  3. Dad hasn't forgotten, Whitney! =)

    Hazel, it's so much happier for everyone when we relax and don't stress, isn't it?! Happy Thanksgiving!

    Phyllis, How wonderful that your father can travel to enjoy Thanksgiving with you! What a blessing. I pray it will be a special time together! Our cups are full, aren't they?! God is so good.


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