A Peek From My Porch

I had so much fun decorating and preparing for Thanksgiving!  Want a peek?  Okay…

I added a touch of turquoise to my table decor and loved the “pop” of color it added.

In the top left hand corner is a sample of my “name cards.”  They were sugar cookies, shaped and decorated to resemble pumpkin pie.  Each one had a guest’s name on it, then was tucked inside a cellophane bag and tied with a ribbon.  (The plate is upside down because this was the day before, and I didn’t want any dust to settle on the plate before the meal!)

 I bought two bunches of fall flowers from Sam’s club and used them to make my arrangements.  I put them in turquoise containers that I snagged for about $7 each at TJ Maxx.  I placed them on silver trays so the color would bounce off and give an extra splash of beauty.

The best part of our get together were those that came to celebrate with us!  Here’s the portion of our family that were able to come, then a few of my other favorite memories…

It was a wonderful weekend, full of great fellowship, praising the Lord for His blessings in 2013, and of course, plenty of food!

I have to share one hilarious moment and a memory from the holiday I don’t want to forget.  I had the rolls rising on the counter and nearly ready to head into the oven when everyone arrived.  Two men in the family (who will remain unnamed because I love them), came in with crock pots with their wife’s food inside.  They proceeded into the kitchen, looked for a place to set their crock pot down, and spotted a counter with dish cloths lying over cookie sheets.  That looked like a perfect spot for both of those huge, heavy pieces of equipment.  Plop.  Job done.  They then proceeded to the appetizer table for cheese and crackers.  I walked into the kitchen and saw the crock pots sitting there and wondered what this was all about.  I lifted the crock pots to find the rolls completely flattened out underneath.  Gasp!  They did rise a second time as my mom said they would, though they were a little lopsided But they of course tasted the same as they would have otherwise.  We all got a laugh out of that.  The rolls are no longer  called Butterhorns.  Their new name?  I can’t decide if I should call them Crock Pot Rolls, Smashed Rolls, or Resurrection Rolls (after all, they did rise again!).  =)

Do you have a funny memory from Thanksgiving?

From my country porch,

8 thoughts on “A Peek From My Porch

  1. Do you still encourage bringing crockpots for Thanksgiving dinner contributions? Seems like there was another post about that! ha!


  2. Your table was beautiful–love the colors!

    Thanks for the laugh about the rolls! You should call them “resurrection rolls.” Just be sure to add something into the recipe: “After rolls rise, place crock pot full of food on top to flatten the rolls. Remove the crock pot and allow the rolls to rise again.” 🙂


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