New Year’s Goals

Happy New Year!
I love clean, fresh, new things.  If January 1st isn’t all of that, then neither is an unused journal, new-fallen snow, or a load of hot laundry straight from the dryer!

Today is the beginning of a new day, a new year.  While I’m not really a resolution maker, I am a goal setter, and hence I’ve got a few for this next year!  I shared one with you already this week that concerns my marriage, but in my spiritual life, and my domestic life I also have a few goals.

 I want to keep studying and adding to the five topics that I chose earlier this year.
  1. Biblical Hospitality
  2. Scripture Memory
  3. The attributes of God
  4. The traits of a Godly woman 
  5. Discipleship

In addition to Scripture, I want to read books that will aid in my study of my five topics.  I’m investigating the titles of the books I want to read and will be making a list.

Get back into my daily exercise routine 5x’s a week.
Get back on My fitness Pal daily.

Lose 5 pounds in five weeks.

Last weekend I dug into my bathroom cabinets and began de-cluttering.  The mess in there was irritating to me every time I opened the door!  That was the beginning of my desire to get things in better order at home.  I didn’t think to take a “before” shot, but here’s the “after!”\

Then I was challenged recently when I read The Inspired Room and Melissa said she was going to declutter her house this year – one bag at a time.  When we moved a year and a half ago, I got rid of lots of stuff.  I do not regret it!  But as time has passed, there are things that need to be removed once again.  I have a bag of clothes and shoes ready right now to head out to Goodwill.  I’ve accepted Melissa’s challenge to gather up a bag a day to take out of the house.  I may do a bag a week, but one could adjust it as necessary.  Here are the target areas she suggests:


Clothes, bags, shoes, accessories {including seasonal items}, dressers, closets, nightstands, Master bedroom.

Papers, files, calendars, office drawers, command centers. Home office.

Beauty products, medicine cabinets, bathroom cabinets. Bathroom.

Linens (towels, sheets, blankets) and cleaning supplies. Laundry room and linen closets and under sinks or anywhere you store cleaning supplies.

Pots, pans, dishes, kitchen electronics, pantry items (spices, food, baking items), kitchen cabinets. Kitchen and Pantry.

Books, magazines, DVDs, electronic devices, games. Family rooms.

Tools (yard tools, ladder, power tools, hardware, cleaning tools), project materials and supplies on garage shelves. Garage, tool bench and storage areas.

Keepsakes (sentimental, photos, albums) and kids’ drawings and mementos. Closets and bookshelves, anywhere mementos are stored.

Other family members’ clothes and kids’ toys.  Closets, bedrooms, playrooms, school supplies.

Hobby supplies (sewing, crafts, gift wraps, gift cards, etc.). Craft cabinets or closets.

Decorative items {seasonal, decorative, furniture, extra items you don’t need}. Wherever you store excess. Garage, Basement.

Christmas and holiday items, entertaining supplies. Basements, cupboards, garages.

So this month will start with my clothes, accessories and our bedroom.  I’m excited to get started and it will begin with the bag that’s already full heading out to the Goodwill today!  I’ll keep you posted on my success!

Do you have goals you’ve set for yourself on this clean, fresh, new day?

Any suggestions of books to read?

With love and high five’s for your new goals,

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