Freshen Up Friday

My recent Aldi’s haul!

Who isn’t looking for a way to lower their grocery bill?  It’s amazing how everything that’s healthy for you is so expensive, isn’t it?  I love buying fresh produce, but it can sure take a cut out of the grocery funds!  Aside from couponing, there are other ways to save money on groceries!  Finding stores that have reduced prices is one.  I’m going to tell you about a store where I used to shop when we lived in Indiana that’s opening two new stores in my area!              =0 (Excited face!)

Aldi’s is a no-frills, German-owned grocery store where the product is guaranteed and the  prices are affordable!  When we shopped there years ago and our girls were young, they were quite humiliated unimpressed that we were shopping there!  One certain daughter, who will remain anonymous, is now shopping at Aldi’s herself saying, “I go there because the prices are so reasonable and the produce is unbelievably affordable!”   It’s so true!

Recently on a trip home from seeing my parents, we stopped at Aldi’s in Corbin, KY to pick up some necessary items for the week.  I bought 23 items and spent $35!  That’s pretty incredible considering that I bought produce, milk, Blue Cheese, Monterey Jack Cheese, onions and other items.  My fresh pineapple was only 99 cents!  It wasn’t on the sale rack because it was old – that was the weekly price.

Now, if you haven’t shopped at Aldi’s yet, there are a few things you need to know:

  • They don’t accept coupons – you don’t need them!
  • They don’t bag up your groceries or even provide bags for you.  You must either bring your own, purchase their reuasable bags or grab an empty box in the store.  Then after you make your purchase, you scoot over to the side to a long shelf where you can bag everything up.
  • You have to put a quarter into a cart outside the store to take one in.  No worries ~ you get your quarter back when you return the cart after shopping.  This is one of the ways they keep costs down ~ no one has to go track down the buggies that are coasting down the parking lot!
  • You won’t find major brands in the store ~ they sell the Aldi’s brand that is backed with their Double guarantee.  Their inventory is less than a regular grocery store, but they have the “fastest moving items” that most stores sell.
There are two Aldi’s getting ready to open  soon in our area – one in Kingspport on Stone Drive and another in Johnson City on West Market.

So, if you’re interested in refreshing your grocery bill, find an Aldi’s near you and at least try it once!  You might like the extra jingle in your wallet!

Have you shopped at an Aldi’s?  What did you think?

Stay refreshed,

4 thoughts on “Freshen Up Friday

  1. I know, I still can't believe I shop at Aldi. But I'm at the age where I'd rather save money than be cool. Ha.
    Ask your Aldi what day their truck arrives. Either that morning or the evening before, they mark down bread and produce like crazy!


  2. The closest one to us in the one is Corbin, and it's quite a few miles down 75south from us. Sounds like a great place to shop and still be proud of your purchases, not like some discount places that sell things that are old and not very appetizing. Go girls!


  3. That Corbin Aldi's is the one we went to, Mom. It's very nice. It's clean and had great produce selections. Yeah, it's far for you to shop there. I've wanted to stop other times we were on our way home from your house, but glad we finally got to do so this week!


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