Freshen Up Friday

It wasn’t until a few years ago at my friend’s house that I tasted a Pomegranate. Seriously, where have these little guys been all my life?  Not only are they delicious, they’re really good for you!  It has little seeds that are full of juice.  Only the seeds and juice are edible, but they are full of flavor and the seeds have a nice little crunch. With all the other fruit I’ve been buying at Aldi’s recently, Pomegranates have been a major score at a little under a dollar.

They might look a little intimidating to peel, but they’re very easy to open up.  You don’t peel it like an orange or cut it like an apple – you do a little of both.

  1. Cut around the top and kind of “scalp” it so that the lid of the fruit lifts off.
  2. Score down, from top to bottom, where you see the six sections
  3. Pop one section off at a time.  The seeds will come right out.  Repeat on all the other sections.


What a nice addition this is to a daily fruit intake!

  • Put in Vanilla  yogurt
  • Add it to fruit salad
  • Top your hot oatmeal
  • Make juice with it
  • Sprinkle some over your salad
  • Add it to a smoothie
  • Put on Top of Vanilla ice cream
  • Eat it right from the fruit!

Freshen up your Friday with a yummy Pomegranate!  It’s even the right color for this Valentine weekend!

Do you eat Pomegranate?  How do you eat it?

Stay refreshed,


7 thoughts on “Freshen Up Friday

  1. The only pomegranate that I have eaten has been surrounded by dark chocolate! LOL Since I can no longer eat that, maybe I should try real pomegranate 🙂 Your post sure makes it look tasty!


  2. OK, I’m way behind on my reading! We like to add pomegranate seeds on top of our salads, lettuce salads that is. When we’re out of them we often use craisins instead.


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