Every Day Kind of Love

There are 364 days that are not Valentine’s Day   But I love the way the Valentine’s Day kind of love shows up around my house nearly every day (we’re far from perfect, nor is our marriage!). So yeah, sometimes ugly things creep in our door, but it’s our goal to make our marriage a priority every day.  It’s done because of the little things.  Let me show you what I mean.

See this little pink teddy bear?  He shows up (as does his counterpart who happens to be purple) in all sorts of places.

20150214_112743_resized When either my husband or I find this little guy tucked away, it’s an unwritten note that says, “I love you!”  No words have to be spoken, no note jotted.  It was purposefully hidden in a place that the other would find it so they might know they were being thought of.  I’ve found this little bear in my measuring cups, beside my toothbrush, inside my suitcase, in a dresser drawer, and here on my make up brush… and all kinds of other fun places.  A package of those little fuzzy bears is minuscule.  I got ours at Hobby Lobby years ago.  It’s been an investment in our marriage that costs little, but has paid un-measurable dividends!

Another thing we do is laugh.  It’s easy to take life and yourself so seriously that you spoil the joy of the little things. The Lord says that Laughter is good medicine (Proverbs 17:22)!  So, we laugh…

IMG_20150213_173959_resizedNow you can laugh, too!  Cute, aren’t we?  These make for hilarious stops at red lights!  We laugh, and the people in the car beside us can smile with us!

We also do what my chalkboard says, we try to enjoy the little things.


This was lunch this week on one of our snow-days.  We moved the table next to the fire, turned on Andy Griffith and laughed our way through lunch while we enjoyed the comfort of the fire, a simple meal, and one another’s company.

We were given a gift certificate at Christmastime for a great restaurant in our area.  We had tucked it away for a date night, then we learned that Monday nights in February was “Buy a meal, get one free!”  Our date nights often consist of great things that cost little – or in this case nothing!  It wasn’t Valentine’s night, but when you celebrate Valentine’s all through the year, it really doesn’t matter what night you go out!


It’s all the day-to-day expressions of love that make a marriage more than average.  Even when you do have one of those occasional “not-so-good” days, you’re still in love, and can overcome evil with good and keep rolling on towards the “Happily Ever After” kind of relationship that the Lord intended – even when it’s NOT Valentine’s Day!

What do you and your spouse do to keep laughing and having fun?  Maybe you need a pair of those cute glasses or a little fuzzy bear to perk things up!

With love,


9 thoughts on “Every Day Kind of Love

  1. I remember when pastor told us about that bear in marriage counseling, and I thought, “I’m going to do something like that!” I guess I’d forgotten, so thanks for this reminder! The little things make any day better, and any time together more memorable.
    Thanks, Denise! =)

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  2. What a great post! Thanks for sharing! I’m going to look into getting a package of fuzzy bears … what a great idea! Our lives are very busy with eldercare, grandkids, serving the Lord, and my hubby’s high-stress job, but we do all that we can to make our marriage a priority. Watching Andy Griffith is one of our favorite ways to relax, too!


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