Freshen Up Friday

I’ll never forget when my great Aunt from England came to live with us when I was in high school.  What a delicious year we had!  You see, she was a professional baker and she could get in the kitchen and create some really tasty treats!  She made

Eccles Cakes…


Palmeras de hojaldre 1.jpg

and lovely birthday cakes while she stayed with us.  Oh. my. goodness!  It was heavenly.

The other  “heavenly” part of her baking was the cloud of flour that she left behind!  She was a true artist in her work!  White flour flew when she baked!

Guess what?  I really take after my aunt!  No, I can’t bake like she did, but I have inherited her flour-flying trait!  When I bake, I make a mess!!!  

However, there is a tool that comes to my rescue…it’s my Bar Scraper.  It can take my mess and pull it together so that it can then be lifted by the thin scraper and dumped into the trash can.  It so much easier than trying to wipe it up with the dish cloth!

PicMonkey  Bar ScraperEvery kitchen needs this tool!  It keeps you from making paste on your counter top!  You can pick one up in lots of places – I’ve seen them at TJ Maxx  and kitchen stores.

Target has this one for $7.99

Cake Boss Bench Scrape

Refresh your kitchen – If you bake – not just professionally like my aunt, but if you bake  at all – you will love having a bar scraper!    It will save your kitchen from heavenly clouds of flour piling up on the counters and floor!

Are you a messy baker?  What’s your favorite tool to help you in the kitchen?

Find your way to a Bible preaching church Sunday!

Stay refreshed,



7 thoughts on “Freshen Up Friday

  1. I have one of those scrapers and I think I got it at a dollar store. The handle part is long gone, but the scraper still works beautifully. I couldn’t bake without it!

    I am off to put dough for focaccia bread into the bread machine. My oven has been out of commission since last Sunday evening, and is now functioning again thanks to a new igniter. Funny how all you want to do is bake, when you can’t!


    1. I know, I’m dying to try my hand at them, too! I’ve not made them, but I’m sure it would be best to buy Puff pastry rather than making it from scratch! Let me know if you make them…I’ll be right over!


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