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Ask God Questions!

I’m not sure when it started, but it’s now expected…The Question that comes at the end of our Sunday school class each Sunday.  One young woman, hungry to learn more about God’s Word, ends every class session for us the same way each week.  I picture her in my mind now, a smile spreading across her sweet face, eyes twinkling,  extending her arm upward with her hand flailing to get my husband’s attention while she says,

“I have a question!!!!”

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It may be about the lesson, or it could be something someone at work has asked her for whom she needs an answer.  Class extends as we all lean in to hear her state the very well thought-out question.  I love it and look forward to her inquiry each week!

As I was reading my devotions yesterday, I was reminded that asking spiritual questions is a really smart choice!  I read in II Samuel 11 about when David looked at Bathsheba and lusted after her.  Why didn’t David ask the Lord to help him with his lust? 

David questioned those that knew Bathsheba as to who she was, but why didn’t he ask the Lord if he could have her?  

He decided to take her and have relations with her, then when she let him know some time later that she was with child, David realized something needed to happen, so he tried several plans.  But why didn’t he ask the Lord what to do?  

After David has Bathsheba’s husband killed, he brings her in to be his wife, but why didn’t he ask the Lord if he should marry her?

Finally after Nathan the prophet comes to tell David God’s knowledge of his sin and that his son would die as a result, we see David talking to God!  As a matter of fact, he prayed and fasted for seven days while the child suffered.  God does not see fit to heal the child, but instead, the child does die. After hearing the news, David got up, dressed, worshiped and ate.  I truly believe he was able to accept this child’s death because he was on right terms with God now.  How did that happen?  He prayed.  He asked God questions.  Perhaps he asked, “Lord, will you place the punishment on me instead of my son?  Will you spare my wife this grief?  Will you please intervene?”  He was finally on speaking/question-asking terms with God!

Now, how about you and me?  Talking to God about everything that touches our lives will keep us from sin and sorrow!

 “Lord, what about this?

Should I go here?

Should I be a part of this?

Should I watch this, read this, participate in this?”

Let’s be wise and be like my Sunday school friend.  Let’s raise our hand and say,

God, I have a question!

Ask first, then act.



6 thoughts on “Ask God Questions!

  1. Thank you Denise. This is so good. A great question! The Lord wants us to talk to Him and to tell Him everything that is on our heart and that upsets us. He desires our fellowship. But, I have to admit I fail Him in this area sometimes. I try to take care of everything myself. 😦 Thank you so much for this reminder. 🙂


  2. 🙂 I’ll so miss you all this Sunday. Wonderful post, Denise! Great words of wisdom, so often we just hurry around and forget to talk to God first.


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