Freshen Up Friday

I’ve never been one to do certain chores on certain days.  When I see something dirty, I clean it.  But sometimes it helps to have a little reminder to clean something that you’ve neglected.

I recently found a site on Instagram that I’m enjoying following – it’s called Clean Mama.  Every day she posts a suggestion of something in your home that you should clean.  This past week her suggestions were:

  • Monday – Bathrooms from top to bottom, including the shower.
  • Tuesday – Dusting – Go over all surfaces and give them a good dusting.  
  • Wednesday – Vacuuming – Vacuum the house from top to bottom, including tile, hardwood and carpet.
  • Thursday – Floor washing – wash all the floors, both tile and hardwood.

I enjoyed just using her suggestions as a reminder to check those areas off sometime this week.  She also posted a March calendar that’s a free download complete with rotating tasks; things like vacuum baseboards or wash rugs.  

Cleaning Routine Infographic - Clean Mama

To refresh your Friday (and your whole house!), why not hop over to her site here and get the calendar for yourself?  If you’re on Instagram, I’d encourage you to follow her there for a quick update each day.

Do you follow a strict routine when you clean your house?

Happy cleaning!

Stay refreshed,


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