Decorate Your Bedroom!

I love to decorate my house.  Adding seasonal flowers, pictures and accents is just fun!  If I buy something new, it seems like it’s most fun to put it in a place where everyone will see it.  A lamp on the kitchen counter, a new rug at the front door, or a lovely candle burning in the living room will be enjoyed by family and guests alike.

So, why decorate a room that’s only seen by two people – like your bedroom?  We might rationalize, “My husband and I are the only ones who will see it!  Who cares?”  Well, YOU should!  How about if we look at it this way – your bedroom is the only space that the two of you share exclusively, so it needs to be special!

How about taking some pictures of your bedroom and then putting them on your computer screen so you can look at it objectively.  It’s amazing what you see in a picture that you tend to ignore in person.

  • Is the room inviting?
  • Is it light and bright during the day and dark enough at night?
  • Is it cluttered?
  • Is the bed made?
  • Is there a space to relax?
  • What do you need to add to make it beautiful? Functional?
  • Is there enough low light to read a book in bed?
  • Do you love this space or sigh when you see it?

I recently looked at our room and thought that it was blah with color.  There’s a lot of white in there with red accents, but I decided I needed to add another color that would make the room “pop.”  I decided on  turquoise.  I’ve added a couple of things and am going through the house to add  just a couple more touches.  I’m thinking that another turquoise pillow on the bed and maybe a candle in that color.  So far, I love it!

PicMonkey Collage
The arrows will show where I’ve added the turquoise accents. Click on the picture to enlarge.

Can I encourage you to refresh your bedroom and make it a place you and your husband love retreating to?  It’s a wise investment in your home…but most of all in your marriage!

Do you love your bedroom?  What needs to change?

With love,


8 thoughts on “Decorate Your Bedroom!

  1. I love red and turquoise together, it reminds me of a vacation we took to New Mexico. I love my bedroom and I have a comfy chair where I write my blog and I read my blog roll. I have tried to make my bedroom soothing with Benjamin Moore’s Wedgewood Gray on the Walls. ( It is more of a blue) and a coordinating comforter. We also have lots of pictures of our grands in this room and those just make us smile. Your room is very pretty…good work!


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