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One Decorating Tip To Instantly Enlarge Your Room

This summer I redecorated our bedroom and I am in love with the way it turned out. It’s so much more inviting and it functions so much better!

I’ve sung Myquillyn Smith’s praises before here on my blog, but that won’t keep me from telling you again that her decorating steps have transformed my house! In her book, Cozy Minimalist Home, she gives the order that one should follow when decorating a space. I won’t go through the steps, but I do encourage you to get her book if you’re looking to refresh a room you hate! The “fix” won’t be found in Target’s pillow aisle or Hobby Lobby’s canvas prints. Trust me…those things need to wait. Get the book; you’ll be so glad you did!

I will tell you one secret she shared that has transformed my bedroom when I redid it this summer. Ready?

Hang the drapes high and wide!

You won’t believe the difference it will make in the room. Let me show you my visual! When I was redoing our bedroom, I took a picture with one window where the drapes were on suspension rods in the window and the other window was hung HIGH and WIDE.

Does the window on the left look much bigger? It’s all because of the placement of the drapes!

The lighting was poor in the picture above, but you can definitely see the difference, right?! Just stepping into the room now there is a “Wow!” factor simply because the windows look so much bigger!

I’m on a mission now to rehang all the drapes in the house! It will take time because I’ll need longer lengths. Buying 96″ or 102″ is usually what is needed.

Here’s the bedroom to date. I’m still hoping to paint and hang replace the fan with a light fixture, but I’m loving where it is at this moment!

Let’s do a side by side before and after. I’m being vulnerable to show this before picture! Ugh! I’m just glad it’s much better now!

Next week I’ll share with you my bargain finds and more details about what went into the room makeover, but for today I hope you’re inspired to

Hang those drapes high and wide!

Are you drapes up high or do you need to make some changes?

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Refresh Your Bedroom

Your bedroom might not be a place you get to spend much time, but when you are in there, it should be a bit of a haven for you (and your spouse, if you’re married).   If your bedroom doesn’t necessarily refresh your heart when you walk inside, I have a challenge for you!

In the master bedroom of a Birmingham, Alabama, apartmentdecorated by Doug Davis and Hannon Kirk Doody, a pair of chairs by Lee Industries is covered in the company's Serengeti with leather piping. See more designer bedrooms.    - HouseBeautiful.com

Today let me encourage you in a practical thing you can do to refresh yourself.  Walk into your bedroom and take look around.  Is it restful?  Is it inviting?  Or do you want to slam the door and turn and run because it’s become a cluttered nightmare instead of a peaceful getaway?  You can fix that – today.


aqua, green and white bedroom with throw pillows

  • Remove the clutter. 
  • Clear off tabletops and dressers. 
  • Pick up loose items and put them away. 
  • Hang clothes on their hangers. 
  • After you’ve de-cluttered, give your room a good cleaning.
    • Dust, vacuum, and polish, then make sure the bed is made each day – after all it takes up a good amount of space in the room.  If it’s unmade, the whole room will seem messy, even if the rest is sparkling!
  • Look at Pinterest or magazine pictures of beautiful bedrooms that you love and see what you can do to copy the photo. You will be amazed at the things you’ll find just by shopping in your own house, items to bring into your room to make it inviting and cozy.  It might be a lamp, a few wall hangings, a plant, a bedside table, or a rug.

Lime-green accents gave this bedroom a fresh look. More real-life colorful bedrooms: http://www.bhg.com/rooms/bedroom/color-scheme/real-life-colorful-bedrooms/?socsrc=bhgpin081112bedroomlimegreenaccents#page=12

You will sleep better in a bedroom that is clean and rid of clutter.  Your bedroom should be a place that feels like a bit of a retreat.  You will love spending time in there…and you’ll be refreshed!

If you don’t have time to tackle the whole room at one time, set the timer and work for 30 minutes on the spot that is the most bothersome.  Then tomorrow, add 30 more minutes effort!  By a few day’s time, you’ll have a place you love to return to!

Do you love or hate your bedroom space right now?

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Decorate Your Bedroom!

I love to decorate my house.  Adding seasonal flowers, pictures and accents is just fun!  If I buy something new, it seems like it’s most fun to put it in a place where everyone will see it.  A lamp on the kitchen counter, a new rug at the front door, or a lovely candle burning in the living room will be enjoyed by family and guests alike.

So, why decorate a room that’s only seen by two people – like your bedroom?  We might rationalize, “My husband and I are the only ones who will see it!  Who cares?”  Well, YOU should!  How about if we look at it this way – your bedroom is the only space that the two of you share exclusively, so it needs to be special!

How about taking some pictures of your bedroom and then putting them on your computer screen so you can look at it objectively.  It’s amazing what you see in a picture that you tend to ignore in person.

  • Is the room inviting?
  • Is it light and bright during the day and dark enough at night?
  • Is it cluttered?
  • Is the bed made?
  • Is there a space to relax?
  • What do you need to add to make it beautiful? Functional?
  • Is there enough low light to read a book in bed?
  • Do you love this space or sigh when you see it?

I recently looked at our room and thought that it was blah with color.  There’s a lot of white in there with red accents, but I decided I needed to add another color that would make the room “pop.”  I decided on  turquoise.  I’ve added a couple of things and am going through the house to add  just a couple more touches.  I’m thinking that another turquoise pillow on the bed and maybe a candle in that color.  So far, I love it!

PicMonkey Collage
The arrows will show where I’ve added the turquoise accents. Click on the picture to enlarge.

Can I encourage you to refresh your bedroom and make it a place you and your husband love retreating to?  It’s a wise investment in your home…but most of all in your marriage!

Do you love your bedroom?  What needs to change?

With love,