A Peek From My Porch – God’s Gift of the Church

How thankful I am for the Lord’s gift to us of the local church. I’m not referring to a building, but the group of believers that gather there. These Christians come together all day on Sunday and again on Wednesday to worship, praise, study, pray, fellowship, encourage and serve.  God knew we would need the church.   It’s not merely another bullet on our “to-do” list, or the obligatory task we fulfill.  The Church is alive because We are the church!I

I recently heard a young college-age man say,

“I’ve realized recently how much I need other believers.’

If we all don’t come to that conclusion, we are missing out on so much!  Let me illustrate:

Last Sunday was Friend Day at my church.  It was such a sweet time!  People were buzzing in the auditorium before the service like happy shoppers in the candy aisle the day after Easter! Our church is such a warm, Spirit-filled group of people and it was evidenced as I witnessed new friends being greeted and welcomed, coffee  being poured and offered, and smiles shared. That’s what the church does!

Then the service time began. I was so blessed to witness a touching scene when my husband asked our men to come and gather in the choir.  The man on the left (Fain) in the picture below is seated in a wheelchair.

Friend Day 001

As the rest of the men went up and gathered in the choir loft, these three joined Fain on the floor and stayed with him and shared his “platform of uniqueness.”  Rather than going up where they would be less visible, in love, they seated themselves beside Fain so that they might encourage and share in his burden.  How kind is that?!  I pulled my phone out and snapped a picture because it touched my heart so much. That’s what the church does!

We had a picnic lunch out on our church lawn after the service.  There was enough food there for the multitude Jesus fed (well, kind of).  People set up tables, grilled hamburgers and hot dogs in the hot sun, sat with our guests, washed dishes, took down tables and chairs, and picked up trash afterwards.  So many served!  That’s what the church does!

Friend Day 003

Then at 5:30, we met back at the church for the evening service where we sang, heard from God’s Word and then shared testimonies of how God has answered prayer.  We encouraged one another all day long!  That’s what the church does!

There’s no ballgame, family gathering, vacation attraction, boat ride, concert, or television program that can do for me what The Church can do!  I am so thankful for my Boones Creek Bible Church family.  I love each member and thank the Lord for them.  That’s what the church does!

Are you fully entrenched in a Bible-believing church?  Christ gave His life for The Church!  He has a great purpose for it in your life!  Don’t miss out on all the blessings you’ll only find in The Church!


2 thoughts on “A Peek From My Porch – God’s Gift of the Church

  1. I love the part of your blog where the men joined Fain on the main level instead of going to the choir. That is lovely. From the time I was a little girl, we called our church, the “churchhouse”. It was made very clear to me that the church was not the building but the people inside. Your church certainly follows Jesus’ teaching to show we are Christians by our love for one another!! Thanks for sharing.


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