The Kneeling Christian – The importance of Prayer

20150413_090151-1_resized Every time I start praying, my kitty, Liza comes and gets as close to me as she can.  Yesterday it made me wonder if I’m as eager to get close to God in prayer as she is to be close to me!

I’m reading a wonderful book right now called, The Kneeling Christian.  Here are some favorite quotes I’ve come across recently:

To be little with God in prayer is to be little for God in service.

A man’s influence in the world can be gauged not by his eloquence or his zeal, or his orthodox, or his energy, but by his prayer.  

If God were to answer the words we repeated on our knees this morning should we know it?  Should we recognize the answer?  Do we even remember what we asked for?  He does answer.  He has given us His word for it.  He always answers every real prayer of faith.

If no one on earth prayed for the salvation of sinners more fervently or more frequently than I do, how many of them would be converted to God through prayer?

This book has been so convicting to me.  I’m asking the Lord to help me to pray more.  I’d challenge you to get a copy of the book on Amazon and be challenged in your prayer life, too.

What was the last prayer request you saw answered?  I’d love to hear and rejoice with you!

With love,


8 thoughts on “The Kneeling Christian – The importance of Prayer

  1. That sounds like a great book Denise. As I am getting older, I find I sometimes I am wide awake at around two am. I was advised by a dear lady long ago to use that time for prayer. It redeems the time and I am not laying there worrying about something or fretting that I need to get back to sleep. We can all do more praying, that is certain.


  2. Thanks for the book recommendation Denise, I went to Amazon and got the kindle version for 99 cents, what a deal!
    You know my answered prayer is that my Dad was able to get his wife placed in a nursing home. I’m still praying for him though as he is not feeling well this week and is going to the DR in the morning.


  3. Oh, I’m so glad you got the book, Phyllis. You will love it. I am so thankful the Lord helped you and answered concerning your dad’s needs. God’s timing and His ways are always perfect!


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