Getting the Most Out of a Ladies’ Conference

Sifting flour makes me feel like a professional baker. I dump in huge amounts of flour into the canister, turn the crank, and when I’m finished, all that’s left are the clumps – the little nubby bits that I push through the sieve with my fingers.  Now the flour is so fine; perfect for use in my recipes!

That process reminds me of what I need to do after attending a ladies’ conference, which I was privileged to do last weekend. The time went so fast, and I received so much, so fast. It’s as though all that wisdom has been poured into the reservoir of my heart.  I’ve wished I could go back and redo it all again, but of course that’s not possible.  So to get the most from all I heard, it’s necessary that I sift through it all, letting a little at a time go through the mill of my mind and then fall into my heart, so that it’s ready for use.  Here’s how I do that:

  • First, I try to take lots of notes on the things that seem to “jump” out at me during the conference.
  • I mark with an * the things that really spoke to my heart.
  • During the next week or two when I’m having my devotions, I read through my notes, a little at a time.  I write into my journal things that were important.  The rewriting process helps me remember those points!  I may even draw a little picture to aid my memory or make the note more visual.
  • I pray about that point, asking the Lord to help me to incorporate that into my life and make the changes I need to make.
  • I continue to make my way through my notes until I’ve reviewed it all.
  • I sing the song(s) that was a theme song, as I have my prayer time.

I won’t remember everything that I heard, but using these steps, I will remember the points that were especially convicting or helpful!  After a couple of weeks, I’ve taken that short weekend away and milled through the material, getting the most out of my retreating period.  The Word has become smoother and is now ready for me to use.  It’s like getting a double blessing from the conference!

If you’ve been to a retreat recently, I trust this will encourage you to try to get the most from what was shared.  The speaker was led by God to deliver those sessions and God knew you’d be there!  Sift through the material and get the most from your time away!

With love,


12 thoughts on “Getting the Most Out of a Ladies’ Conference

  1. Oh, these are great tips! I went to a ladies retreat last month and have been so encouraged to sing/listen to the theme song since. I’ve sung it so much that my little girl sings it around the house now. 🙂 love the opportunity to teach these little lives as I learn myself!


  2. I, too, thought the ladies retreat flew by quickly. A blur! Taking notes has always helped me retain a lot of what was taught. I can go back through, as you said, and read them over, focusing on certain points at a time. Love the illustration of the flour sifter.
    On a side note: I hear there’s a fantastic speaker scheduled for next year’s retreat….checking my calendar. 🙂


      1. Does that mean that you are the speaker for next year’s retreat??!! If so, I’d love to be there for that. I’ve been to teen camps and family camps at the Wilds, and I’ve only been to one ladies’ retreat there, and the speaker was Faith Taylor. It’s always a blessing to be there.


      2. Yes, Karen, I’ll be speaking at the retreat the 21, 22 of April. I’d LOVE to see you there! I’m sure Faith was a blessing; she’s a special lady!


  3. Denise, this is wonderful! So practical! Another thing I have done in the past is to type up the notes that I took, in particular the ones that really spoke to my heart. That helps to fix the information even better in my mind. And it is truly amazing how many times I have had the opportunity to share these important truths with other ladies — always giving credit where credit is due, of course.

    I likely won’t get to a ladies’ retreat until fall (that’s when they have them at The Wilds of New England) but am already looking forward to it and trying not to envy you ladies who live in the south and can enjoy spring retreats!


    1. Sharing what you’ve learned is a part of the iron sharpening iron. Isn’t it neat how the Lord prepares us so we CAN encourage others?
      I’ll soon be enjoying some of that cool weather you’re experiencing; I’m headed to Nova Scotia this weekend for the spring retreat at Forest Glen Bible Camp – it won’t be spring-y weather, but we’re praying for a refreshing time, spite the chilly temps!


      1. Oh, how nice! I have never been to Forest Glen, but friends of ours have and I have heard many wonderful things about it. Will be praying for safety in travel and a refreshing time!

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