Door Knocking? Are You Serious?!

Yesterday I had the blessing of joining a group from West Coast Baptist College and four others from my church  to go
“Knocking On Doors.”  The team from West Coast was a singing group that had come to our church Tuesday night to minister in song and the Word of God.  Before they left Johnson City, they desired to go out and canvas the area.  That was a tremendous blessing to us! This isn’t their church, but they desired to invite people to visit Boones Creek Bible Church.  We were out for about an hour and a half, and I can tell you that we had the best time!

Knocking on doors is a pretty old-fashioned term, and to some it’s a really old-fashioned idea.  You may be asking, “What do you do when you “knock on doors?”  Let me walk you through a visit:

  1. With tract in hand, we walked up to a door, a smile on our face.  We tried to watch for things like swing sets or toys in the yard that would tip us off that this family had children.  We looked to see if anyone was in the yard.  If we didn’t see anyone outside, we would knock on the door or ring the bell and wait for an answer.
  2. When someone opened the door we would say something like, “Hello!  We’re from Boones Creek Bible Church and we’re just walking through your neighborhood inviting folks to visit our church!  Do you go to church anywhere?”  If they said, “Yes.”  We’d say, well we’re not wanting to pull you away from your church, but if you ever have the opportunity to visit, we have services on Sunday and Wednesday, and the times are on this brochure.  We’d love to have you!”
  3. If the person didn’t have a church, we’d show them the times and address of the church, clearly marked on the tract.
  4. If they had children, we also invited gave them one of our VBS invitations and told them about when and where it was happening.
  5. While talking to them, we were always looking for the opportunity to bring in the Gospel and to share Christ as the Only Way.  That doesn’t always come, but it’s wonderful when it does.
  6. We thanked them for their time, said goodbye and were on our way!

How easy was that?!

Perhaps you’re asking: Why do we go?  What is the need?  Is it just some old-fashioned idea that needs to be forgotten?

  • We go because that’s what Jesus commanded – not suggested – before He ascended back to heaven.
  • We go because lost people aren’t knocking on the church doors to get in – they must be invited!
  • We go because we are missionaries as Paul and Barnabas were.  This is our Jerusalem.
  • We go because we are not ashamed of the Gospel of Christ.
  • We go, not because we’re not afraid of rejection!  We know it will come!  But we go out of obedience, and we leave the results to the Lord!

Paul and Barnabas were terribly mistreated.  Paul was stoned and left for dead!  The closest I’ve ever come to that is tripping over a stone in a driveway!  No, I have it so easy!  I even got into my air conditioned car and went and got a Pal’s Tea when I was finished!  That is NOT suffering!  =) Oh, and at the stop at Pal’s, the worker at the window asked if I was having a great day.

“Oh, yes!  We’ve been out going door to door, inviting folks to our church this morning!  Do you go to church anywhere?”

“I’m Methodist.”

“Oh, I see.” I answered.  “Well, the most important thing is Christ.  I trust you know Him as your Savior.  Here’s a little pamphlet that will tell you how you can know Him.  Can I give this to you to read later when you have a break?”  I then handed him a tract.  He took it and thanked me.  I got my tea and smiled all the way to my destination.

I was so blessed by our time out.  Blessing comes after we obey – not before.

Blessed are they that keep my ways.  

Proverbs 8:32

We often don’t get goose bumps and excitement before we go –  it’s more like shivers and shakes!  But after we’ve obeyed Christ’s command, the joy is overflowing!

I haven’t mastered this, by any means, and still have much to learn, but I do know that God is so good to not only let us serve Him at someone’s door, but then He rewards us for doing it!  What a God we serve!

Have you ever gone Door Knocking?  What is keeping you from joining your church to reach your community for Christ?  If someone visited your church as a result of your visit at their house, wouldn’t that make it all worthwhile?  It’s our choice to obey…or not.

With love,

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