A Peek from my Porch


I am enjoying the blessing of spending part of this week with my parents in Kentucky.  I’m always so thankful that my husband encourages me to go and visit them.  They live four hours away, and with busy ministry lives, we don’t get to see them too often.  To stay connected, I’ve come to see them by myself pretty much every spring for quite a few years.

I love our times together.  We visit, eat delicious treats (see below), make runs to town, and share stories, laughs, and memories of their lives.  I’ve heard many of their memories before, but I never tire hearing about the years of living during the Depression, the wars, and the simpler days of the 40’s and 50’s.

We’re having a great time!  How about a little peek?

My mom cooks delicious meals, and knows how to serve them up beautifully! I love eating out in their sun room. It’s so pretty out there with the backyard views, birds , sunshine and the decor of the room itself.


What would Memorial Day be without homemade ice cream? Sad! However, our day was a happy one, because they can crank out some of the best, as evidenced by this bowlful!


I always get a little R&R while here, and the hammock was a perfect spot to do just that!


I love this shot of my veteran dad and the American flag flying just outside the garage where we were sitting.


My mom has a curio cabinet that is filled with lots of lovely treasures. She started out collecting miniature shoes, then the compilation grew to other gems, like Wedding cake toppers and little dishes. I offered to dust the curio cabinet and had so much fun pulling each piece off the each shelf, dusting it, hearing its history, and returning it to its rightful place. This is a picture of a part of one shelf. Isn’t it gorgeous?

It’s been a great visit, and I still have a couple days left!  I feel blessed, privileged, and a teeny bit spoiled (okay, more than a teeny bit!).  Having family hours away from you is hard, but it seems our visits are all the more special.  I don’t want to take a minute for granted.  Now excuse me, while I go for another bowl of ice cream and a nice, long chat.

What do you do to stay connected to your family?

With love from a Kentucky porch,


6 thoughts on “A Peek from my Porch

  1. As I’ve said for years, this is THE BEST place on the planet to go for rest, peace and quiet, and rich refreshment. Mom and Dad’s settled rest in Christ is so displayed in their home and lives.


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