Time Apart – Time Together

I’ve really missed my husband this week while I’ve been visiting with my family in Kentucky, but it’s been good for us.  As a matter of fact, if I were to give encouragement about two simple things that you could do that would strengthen your marriage it would be:

  1. Spend a little bit of time apart.  It’s easy to get into ruts and take one another for granted.  You get used to having him take out the trash or open the stuck pickle jar lid.  He gets used to you doing the cooking and cleaning.  You forget what a blessing it is to have your man around, and he takes for granted the luxury of your feminine touches in the home.
    A short outing like a retreat, or a visit with family is time enough away to renew your love and appreciation for one another.  You go home not so agitated about his socks in the floor because you’ve been reminded that it was him you love and married – not a spotless house.
    Another suggestion along these lines is to make sure you’re getting some “girl time” with friends.  If the only adult you talk with is your husband, its possible that you’re talking his ears off.  Ask the Lord to give you a good, godly friend and have a weekly time to get together and gab the lunch hour away!  Your husband can’t be everything to you; make sure you have some good friends with whom you can chat and spend some “girl time.”
  2. Make sure you’re sleeping in the same room, in the same bed.  So often I talk to women who admit that they and their husband separated rooms long ago.   It happened when one or the other began snoring, or they had a disagreement, or they couldn’t sleep well…all issues that have a remedy;  Breathe Right Strips, a humble heart or a king-sized bed!
    Sleeping together keeps your hearts knit together.  It keeps the physical relationship what the Lord intended in marriage.

    Defraud ye not one the other, except it be with consent for a time, I Cor. 7:5

    It wards against a wedge from being built between you.  It draws you close.  If you feel far away when you’re sleeping in the same bed as man and wife, someone needs to do some humbling, and if you’re aware of the wedge, then that someone is you.  Apologize for the distance.  Ask forgiveness for the cold shoulder.  Reach over and hold his hand and offer to pray before you drift off.  These gestures alone will unite your hearts.  It will be the beginning of what should be constant in your relationship.  Remember, however, it won’t happen if you’re in separate rooms.

Time apart and time together – it’s a good thing for a marriage when done wisely.

With love,

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