Freshen Up Friday

My mom is very organized in her home.  Every closet, drawer, room, or cabinet are all in order so that you can find every item because it’s in a logical place.

The same goes with the way she keeps record of things – like the perennial plants in her yard.  She has a special Gardener’s Journal where she records any plant, tree, or bush that  put in their yard.  She cuts out a picture of the planting and adds it to the page, along with:

  • When it was planted
  • Where it was planted
  • If it was moved to a different spot
  • If it was removed completely and why
PicMonkey Collage gardening
The left picture is the outside of my mom’s journal. Of course you could use any kind of plain notebook as well. The right picture is a sample of her entries.

How clever is that?!  This would really refresh your gardening.  A book like this helps you to remember:

  • the specific name of each plant or tree out there
  • how to care for the plant
  • if you are able to get a refund for it because it died.

If you happen to move from that place, you could leave the journal for the new home owners so they’ll have that valuable information!

I usually snip those tags off the plants and bushes when we put them in the ground.  Now I know what to do with them – they’re going in my Gardening Journal!

Are you a gardener?  Do you keep track of your plantings?

Have a wonderful weekend!  Refresh your heart by being in church Sunday!

Stay refreshed,

3 thoughts on “Freshen Up Friday

  1. Denise ,thanks for the accolades you give to me on the Gardener’s Journal, I enjoy keeping track of things. It has our successes and our failures.


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