A Peek From My Porch


Tuesday night was Ladies Game Night at my house.  When we went to our annual Ladies’ retreat in April, we had so much fun playing games at the coffee shop, that I decided then and there that we needed to get together and have a night of fun like that every now and then!

I invited all the ladies from church and ended up with a dozen here in my living room.  There were many that were kept from coming due to the stormy weather, busy schedules or husbands working.  I plan to do this again sometime this summer to include many that wanted to be here but couldn’t.

I used the Game theme for my table decorations, as you can see from the top picture.

We started with Taboo and Telestrations.  This was a new game to most of us, and was a lot of fun!!!  The picture below is a shot of us playing it.


We also played Jenga.  It got very quiet in the house when the tower got shaky!  It was so quiet, in fact, my husband, who was upstairs, thought we were having a time of devotions then!  We dared not breathe, lest the blocks tumble!


We had lots of good snacks to share!  I mean, snacks and board games just go together, right?  I made the Almond Toffee Popcorn I posted about here, but substituted honey-roasted peanuts for the Almonds.  I liked it even better!


My daughter Alli shared a challenge from God’s Word from what the Lord has been teaching her in recent days.  She shared from Proverbs 15 about those that have a merry heart have a continual feast!  The choice to have a merry heart is thinking what we know to be true about our God and dwelling on Him! Good truths!


It’s so great to get together with other women to fellowship, laugh, have fun, and talk about the Scriptures!  When was the last time you got together with friends to just have fun?  Maybe you need to be the one to instigate that time!

With love from my country porch,

5 thoughts on “A Peek From My Porch

  1. Denise, it was a great time of fun and fellowship and I thoroughly enjoyed the evening. Thanks for being such a great hostess. Have a great day! Phyllis


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