6 thoughts on “Calling Their Name

  1. Thank you Denise. For some reason I needed this grace today. When I wanted to lash out my grandson couple of months ago, I didn’t know He had a mental problem of a sensory issue I looked up on the internet. We sometimes lash out without asking the parents about the one we just see for a moment, but we grandparents need to come along aside of our children to be a comfort to them, instead of beating them . I thank God use you to help me understand we have to go back and ask forgiveness of what we did to our children and grandchildren. God’s Grace is teaching us and learning something we are not doing ourselves. Adina finally has help with her child and teaching me too to how to handle my grandchild with this disability. I love you and the Pastor and praying God will continue your great ministry. We all need Grace everyday. Love the Family and thank God for you and the pastor who has given me godly wisdom that I finally is back serving the one who I feel I have my life back of serving Him. Praise by his grace for this today. Glad I can have friends like you and in heaven forever. Love how your ministry is growing too and God has you and the Pastor for his glory and honor.


    1. The Lord will use you in your grandchild’s life, Lucius. I feel like the Lord is always teaching us as we lead children. We see ourselves and the way we respond to the Lord. He is so patient and kind, isn’t He? Thanks for reading and commenting!


  2. I really enjoyed the video (and look forward to more), and I appreciate the challenge. Also, I’ve been thinking all week about what you wrote about having an attitude of respect toward my husband–needed that. It seems like here lately the Lord has been driving home how very important that issue is, and your post reinforced that. Love & appreciate you!


    1. Thank you, Karen. I’m trying to do videos a little more frequently…we’ll see. I wish I had paid more attention to the respect need earlier in our marriage, and I’m SURE my husband does too! It is as important to our men as love is to women. Good for you for hearing the Lord’s voice in this! I’m so thankful for you, sweet friend!


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