Freshen Up Friday

My go-to breakfast is Vanilla Greek Yogurt with fresh fruit, topped with granola.  I like the Greek yogurt better than the other stuff, but often find that it isn’t sweet enough for me.  Do you ever find that true?


So, the other day, rather than drizzling in my usual teaspoon or so of honey, I tried something new and added a spoonful of my homemade freezer jam.  Wowza!  That made it delicious!  It gave it a natural strawberry flavor and just enough sweetness to make me slide my spoon over the whole bowl so I wouldn’t miss a drop!

Freshen up your yogurt and your breakfast by adding a little jam into your yogurt and go wild with all the flavors out there – blueberry, peach, blackberry…  Who says yogurt is only for breakfast?  This makes me think about enjoying it as a great snack, too!


Any other Greek Yogurt lovers out there?  How do you enjoy yours?

Stay refreshed,

One thought on “Freshen Up Friday

  1. Vanilla Greek yogurt is usually sweet enough for me, but the plain is another story. Great idea with the freezer jam! You could even go one step healthier and use the “spreadable fruit” which is sweetened only with fruit juice.


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