Freshen Up Friday

Manicured and Polished fingernails can help you feel pulled together, but it’s hard to keep painted fingernails pretty when you do routine household jobs. I recently stumbled across a nail polish that is both long lasting AND cheap!  These are about $2!
Pretty incredible.


This Wet and Wild megalast does what the name implies – it really stays on!

I put on only one coat of color, then top it off with a clear polish and it will stay looking good for a better part of the week!


I love these two colors for summertime – Warm Filter and Candy-luscious Rose. They’re perfect for those bright colors of this fantastic season!


Freshen up your look with a nice, summer manicure that will last. You don’t have to go to the salon to have pretty nails!

Anyone have another polish that lasts and doesn’t cost a fortune?

Stay refreshed,

5 thoughts on “Freshen Up Friday

  1. Your nails always look so pretty. I’ve found that no matter what polish I wear, using the Sally Hansen Diamond Shine topcoat keeps it looking really nice for around 5 days. It stays nice and shiny and doesn’t chip. My favorite polish is OPI – but only when I find it in the clearance bins at Target! 🙂


    1. Thank you, Whitney. I have used the Sally H. Quick dry coat, which helps with the normal smudging because I didn’t wait long enough! I’ll have to look for the shiny top coat; thanks for sharing!


  2. After years of trying all kinds of nail polish, I am an OPI girl. It is pricey but it lasts forever and I love their colors. Of course, my favorite treat is a gel manicure which lasts about two weeks! I treat myself to one for special events and I always choose a French manicure since I cannot pull that off at home!!


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