Worthless or Worthwhile Things?

What have you been looking at today?  Recently as I meditated on Psalm 119, this verse has come back to my thoughts again and again.  I know it’s the Spirit of God, reminding me of the need to obey this wise example.  It reads:

Worthless things.  What “worthless things” might we be looking at?  I can’t really answer for you, but for me, it’s Instagram or Facebook – time that could be used for more worthwhile things. For others it might include television viewing or the kind of movies they allow, excusing profane language or that which is contrary to the holiness of our God.  It’s not really that we must always be doing something spiritual, but it should be valuable. I been trying to ask myself, “Is this a worthwhile activity?” AND  “Is this the best time to do this?”  I try to reserve idle time for viewing Instagram or Facebook, like while I’m a passenger in the car, or waiting for an appointment.  

It’s so easy to get caught up in looking that we lose track of not just time,

but of worth.

Could I encourage you to pray this verse this week?  Ask the Lord to help you to keep your eyes from looking at vain (worthless) things.  Then ask Him to direct you to worthwhile things.  How could you best use that time?  Could you:

  • Work on a Scripture verse to memorize?
  • Write a note of encouragement?
  • Start early on the supper meal?
  • Do an activity with your child?
  • Pray?
  • Finish folding the laundry?
  • Study your upcoming Bible lesson?

God’s Word isn’t about a guilt trip;  it’s about making our time profitable for eternity. To do that we must Keep our eyes from looking at worthless things.  Guard your eyes today.

With love,

3 thoughts on “Worthless or Worthwhile Things?

  1. You are right Denise…there are so many “worthless things” in this world we live in. I liked your ideas for things to do instead of watching tv! I used to be addicted to tv when I was younger. It was on all the time. Now I find that it just annoys me for the most part!!


  2. Wonderful post, Denise! I missed this because we had a houseful of visiting family at the time. We have not owned a TV in our entire married life and have never missed it. There is always something better to do with our time!


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