A Peek from my Porch


Last week found us – not on our our porch at all, but in California for a conference!  It was a great week away hearing from the Lord, being encouraged in ministry and getting to tour a little of the southern California area.

One of the many blessings of the week was visiting the Ronald Reagan Library.Let me give you a peek…


This is an exact replica of the Oval Office when President Reagan was in office…


I love this plaque that was on his desk.  It was a reminder of the humble man he was.


The gardens and the views around the library were breathtaking!


I would NEVER want to be president, but it was fun having this photo made.  =)


Air Force One.  Really incredible to get to walk through it!


Another outdoor view…


I think my favorite part of the tour was hearing President Reagan’s speeches being played.  He was such a true American who loved his country, and it came through every time he addressed the people .  I can’t say that I didn’t cry as I was reminded of what he brought to our nation during his time as president.  It’s reminded me of the HUGE need for us to pray for the 2016 election and God’s mercy on our country.

Who else has visited the Reagan Library? What was a highlight for you?

With love,

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