A Peek from My Porch – What I’ve Been Up to this Week

Here’s a look at my week:

What I’m growing…
wpid-wp-1437508732852 - CopyWe have 7 cantaloupe growing in our raised beds! I’m so excited and am praying they keep growing until they’re ready to eat!

What I’m crafting…

wpid-wp-1437508898443 - CopyI got the green basket for $5 when we were on vacation in May and tucked it away, waiting until after the July 4th wreath was taken down to hang it. I purchased flowers when they were 50% off at Hobby Lobby and put the arrangement inside. I should have shut the inside door so you could see it better, but trust me, the coral door really makes the green pop!

What we celebrated…



National Ice Cream Day was Sunday! We came home after church and dished up Vanilla Bean and topped it with fresh fruit and a cinnamon Crisp. It was so refreshing! I’m all for celebrating ice cream every day. Wish I could! It’s my favorite dessert!

What I’m grilling…wpid-wp-1437508742292

Among other things, we grilled my recipe for Herb and Cheese Stuffed Burgers; they’re my favorite hamburger recipe! I also cut a couple sweet potatoes into fries and roasted them in the oven with salt and a little brown sugar.

What made me smile and cry all at the same time…



Hearing my son-in-law share about his call to the ministry. He was in the sixth grade and was at junior camp at The Wilds when he knew God wanted him to be a preacher. He never questioned God’s call on his life and began from that day on to prepare to serve the Lord full-time. As I sat and listened to him share that Sunday night, I thought about all the times I had prayed for my girls’ mates as they were growing up. God has answered that prayer and given them both godly men who love the Lord. My heart is full.

You moms of young ones, pray, pray, pray for the one your child will marry! Pray for their salvation, for their purity, for their protection and their submission to God’s will. There’s nothing better than seeing your children walking in Truth, is there?!

How’s your week been? Anyone else celebrate National Ice Cream Day? Whose gardens are growing and giving good things? Tell me all about it!

With love from my country porch,

5 thoughts on “A Peek from My Porch – What I’ve Been Up to this Week

  1. I like ice cream but now I have to watch the Cholesterol. Its a bummer but I try! Homemade vanilla is my favorite! And I love your door decoration. I am still puzzling over a color to paint my front door. It has been so hot, I will wait until the temps moderate to paint so it does not dry too quickly. I amen the praying for spouses for your children! It is never too early to start!


  2. Love your wreath! I still have all my July 4th stuff up…I never know what to do between now and fall. That’s really sweet about Andj, I didn’t know that part of his testimony. And I celebrate ice cream day all month long in July by stocking my freezer with #alltheicecream when it’s on sale. Right now we have 4 cartons…I need an extra freezer just for my ice cream! 🙂

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  3. Dad celebrates ice cream day, everyday! He did dish up a large bowl of the homemade vanilla ice cream that we have in the freezer. We had about a gallon left over from the day he made it. We found that if we dish it out and wait 30 minutes, it’s like it came out of the ice cream freezer. Also we put as much as possible in a medium sized glass, and pour Vernor’s Gingerale over it, it’s a little bit of dietary heaven!


    1. Yum, I’m sure that float is really good with the homemade ice cream! My love of ice cream was instilled in me by Dad! I could eat it every day, but I don’t. He’s lucky to eat it and not gain an ounce! Tell him to eat a bowl for me!


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