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Is Your Child’s Education Your Idol?


In my recent Bible club with my little students next door, I taught them the second commandment –

You shall not make unto thee any graven image.

In other words – Don’t worship idols! But I needed to establish in their hearts what an idol is. I used this definition that I heard on a radio message –

“An idol is anything I love, trust, serve or fear more than God.”

Now, if you’re a mom with children in school, will you look at the definition above and ask yourself if your child’s education has become an idol to you? We gasp and say, “But education IS important! If my child fails, he’ll never make anything of himself! How will he ever have a career? I HAVE to push him and make sure he gets good grades!” Please hear me – I’m not suggesting that you allow your child to be lazy or flunk out of fifth grade because he’d rather play baseball! But I’d like for us to consider five ways you make your child’s education more than just important, but an idol in your life:

  1. It becomes the first priority in your home. In other words, your church attendance and participation, your schedule and extra-curricular activities all revolve around school. If there’s a test to study for, or homework to do, it comes first. You will skip church to make time for them to work on school. It’s an idol.
  2. You talk to your child more about his grades, homework and lessons more than you talk to him about God and His Word. It’s an idol.
  3. You fear what will happen if he fails or does poorly more than you fear him not doing the will of God for his life. It’s an idol.
  4. You’re devoted to him getting good grades so he can make a good living, rather than him loving God and seeking His will – whatever that may be. It’s an idol.
  5. You talk to others about your child’s achievements in their education more than you talk about their obedience to God’s Word and ways. It’s an idol.

So, how are you doing? Did these questions reveal any truth about an idol in your heart regarding education? You can trust God with your child’s education and with their future! Seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things will be added unto you! Matthew 6:33


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