How To Make Paper Medallions

Paper medallions

As promised on Wednesday, when I showed you my newly decorated wall of paper medallions,  here’s a tutorial on how to make them.  This is my method, which no doubt will may differ from other’s techniques!

  1. Accordion fold your paper.  This was a 12 x 12 piece of scrapbook paper.   Once it’s folded, accordion style, fold it in half.

wpid-wp-1442514274675.jpeg      For the large medallions, you will need to pieces of paper.

2.  Nestle them together.
wpid-wp-1442514265641.jpeg3.  Secure them in the middle, either with a staple, a piece of clear tape or hot glue.
wpid-wp-1442514254144.jpeg4.  Open out the fan folds and secure the pieces together, making a circle.

It should look like this…


Punch a hole in the back of the medallion, in order to hang it.


The hole should be unseen, in the back of the pinwheel.

Gently hammer a straight pin into the wall.  Slip the medallion onto the straight pin to hang!

pin for hanging pinwheel

I made another smaller medallion to go in the center.  I love the contrast.  it also helps to hide where you secured it in the midle.

Now, stand back and admire your handiwork!


Isn’t that simple?  It’s also tons of fun!  Hope you’ll craft up some for your house or party!

Stay refreshed,

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