Three Incentives to Help You Accomplish Your Goal

That adorable black dress that’s a little too tight and your niece’s upcoming wedding have a connection – it’s called incentive.  So you cut calories out of your daily diet, say “no” to the special coffee drink at Starbuck’s and pretty soon you’re smiling in the mirror – wearing that adorable black dress.

Sometimes all we need is a little motivation to get us spurred forward in a goal.  A couple days ago, I posted about living a life of poverty; a life that does lots of talk, but not as much action.

Could I encourage you today to look at the list you may have made mentally, of what you have only been talking, about and get a little incentive for those goals?

Here are Three ways to get incentive for a project before you:

  1. Have someone hold you accountable. Ask your spouse or a close friend to check up on your progress.  Wanting to start an exercise program?  Have a friend text to ask you how it’s going.  I actually have a friend who asked me to do this for her, and at first she had to answer in the negative about getting started, but then, because she knew I’d be asking again soon, she got the program off the ground!  Weight Watchers works on this principle of accountability.  When you know you’re going to stand on the scales, it is quite an incentive to say “No” to the birthday cake at the party at work!
  2. Make progress markers on your calendar. I’m trying to memorize a passage of Scripture.  I went to my Google calendar and marked what day I should be finished.  That has been staring me in the face, and keeping me from losing sight of my goal!
  3. Plan a reward for when you get finished. If you plan to clean out the basement or your family room, for instance, decide that once it’s finished you’ll host your girlfriends over for a party in your newly cleaned space!  Take yourself for a manicure or facial after another goal is completed.  Whatever kind of reward would motivate you – put that incentive out in front!

These incentives will help, but the best help is prayer.  Proverbs 16:3

Commit thy works unto the Lord and thy thoughts shall be established.

The Lord will direct and give you wisdom about how to move to the next step.

Don’t let those desires sit and collect dust like books on a library shelf, give yourself the motivation necessary to move past the talking and get it accomplished.


2 thoughts on “Three Incentives to Help You Accomplish Your Goal

  1. Accountability is the key for me Denise. When I got my Fitbit, I knew I would have to use it as I had paid a certain amount for it that demanded it be worthwhile. 🙂 It is good to have goals and to work toward accomplishing them, it really helps one to learn to be disciplined in all areas of life.


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