God-Given Teaching Tools


As you read through the Gospels, you see what a wonderful teacher Jesus was.  He taught lessons as He was going about His day.  If He was out in the field, He told the parable of a sower that went out to sow.  When He taught a group, He told stories that they could connect with – a lost sheep, a lost coin, a wayward son.  Everyone could follow those analogies because it was right where they, too, lived.  They understood what He was teaching them through those visuals.

This past Sunday night, my husband encouraged parents to teach their children in the very same way. Then yesterday morning while I was out walking, I thought about all the truths from God’s Word that are literally in everything around us!

  • A fence – God’s Commands are set up to protect us, just like a fence protects the cattle
  • Acorns on the ground – Those little acorns will feed the squirrels this winter if they’ll get busy and tuck them away. God’s Word will feed us in the cold seasons, if we are wise enough to tuck its Truths in our heart.
  • Reflectors at the ends of driveways shine in the darkness.  That’s what believers are supposed to do!
  • Joggers on the road represent all believers who are running the race of living for the Lord.  One Day there will be a reward for being faithful and not quitting!
  • Mail boxes hold letters for us, as well as personal cards and information we need.  It’s like God’s Word – it’s all we need, and it’s God’s  personal love letter to me!
  • Pumpkins – All the different sizes make the perfect display.  We’re all created differently, for a purpose!

The list goes on and on, endlessly!  As you are making your way through your day, make analogies and speak Truth to your own heart.  But especially if you have children around you, point their hearts to the lessons we can be reminded of with all that is right in front of our eyes!  A weed, a mommy cat,  a recipe, all the ingredients on a store’s shelves, traffic lights are all tools perfect for teaching!  Are the pictures and connections coming to your mind?  Share them with little ones and keep their hearts leaning in towards the God who put it all there!  He’s given us tools that are practical and will aid our learning of all He is!  Be on the lookout for those God-given illustrations!

What’s around you right now?  Make an application!

With love,

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