Grateful For Every Little Thing

This has been a week full of extra-sweet blessings!  Let me show you:

My husband and I had the blessing of spending a couple of days and one night in a lovely lake cottage recently.  This is owned by dear friends who graciously invited us to spend time here for a get-away.  Here’s where I sat for many hours while we were there…

I took no work with me – only magazines to read!  The breeze blew in the window, I read, marked pages and did lots of gazing out at the lake.  It was unreal how much those hours away did for us!

This is Watauga Lake – one of my favorites.  The mountains come right down to the water’s edge, giving amazing views!

I’m so  thankful for the kindness and generosity of dear friends, for time to rest, time away with my sweet husband, and God’s provision for us at a season when we really needed refreshment. I’m thankful for the sun that shone on one day and the rain that fell on the next, for coffee that warmed us in the chilly morning, and popcorn we snacked on that night.  


As I mentioned last week, our daughter, Whitney had a birthday on the 22nd.  Her sweet husband arranged for a big surprise and Alli and I got to be in on it last Saturday!  I won’t spill the beans, but will let Whitney share on her blog all about it, but we got to go to lunch with Whitney at her favorite place before the surprise happened.  We somehow missed getting a picture of the three of us, but here’s Whitney at the restaurant.  We had a fun time together, as always!

I’m so thankful for my girls and the relationship we have, for the chance to share two weekends in a row with Whitney, and the joy of son-in-laws who love my daughters!


This candle has been burning for many hours since September!  My sweet neighbor gave this to me, and it’s become one of my favorite Yankee scents for fall!  It smells like something’s baking in the kitchen!  It’s called, Sugar & Spice.  You need this candle, friends!  It’s a perfect scent for this season!

I’m so thankful for my neighbor, for our friendship and her kindnesses to me.  I’m glad we’re more than just people who live side-by-side!


Wish you could smell this!


I’m thankful for the ability to smell, to make the house cozy with a candle flickering on the counter, and for a home to make ready for fall.

It’s easy to overlook the little things, and forget to be thankful, isn’t it?  I fall into just being used to being so blessed and don’t stop to truly be thankful as often as I should!

An acquaintance of mine is dealing with cancer.  It’s attacking her organs.  She’s lost about 25 pounds in just a few months.  She can’t eat very much at a time without being sick.  The chemo is draining her of all energy and strength.  I imagine she will lose her hair – again, (this is her second time with cancer in two years).  I complain about gaining a pound, about my hair growing so fast, or being a mess, or being busy, when I should be thanking the Lord that I CAN eat, that I HAVE hair, that I have the STRENGTH to be busy.  Wow.  What an unthankful person I can be sometimes!  I’m asking the Lord to help me change that – to help me to be grateful for every little thing, because the little things aren’t so little after all.

We’re entering the season of gratitude.  How about joining me in starting early?  What can you thank the Lord for today?  Leave a comment and together let’s praise the Lord for every little thing!

With a grateful heart,

5 thoughts on “Grateful For Every Little Thing

  1. Denise you are right…we need to be grateful for each breath! In MOPs this year we are keeping gratitude journals and it does make me stop and think of all the things I am blessed with by God. Like you, I know many who are struggling right now and I am reminded that I am not as thankful as I should be. I went to the funeral of a precious 52 year old wife and mother on Monday who succumbed after a three year battle with cancer…I am glad to get older, to celebrate each year that God gives me. And on a happier note, loved the surprise for Whitney. She is a lovely young woman and I am glad I have gotten to know her through blogging. My favorite candle right now is Volcano from Anthropologie. I can’t describe the smell but it is just very uplifting!


    1. “Glad to get older” – another thing for me to give thanks for! Rather than complaining about yet another birthday, I can focus on the blessing of being around to have one! Thanks for sharing that!


  2. I am thankful today for God’s tremendous blessing last night as we had our first Apples of Gold meeting. It was a sweet time of fellowship with 6 young woman who seemed to be like little sponges soaking it all in. #fullheart


    1. Yay! I totally understand that joy and feeling of fulfillment! I don’t think I could be any happier than when those young women are at my counter, living room, and table! So thankful for the great response you had! I praise the Lord with you!


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