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How To Deal with Sudden Fears

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The phone rings and it’s the doctor’s office, calling to give the results of the lab work that was recently done.

Sudden Fear.

Your teenage daughter has a painful look in her eyes.  She has seemed distant and removed from you and the Lord in recent weeks.  She asks to speak with you.

Sudden fear.

Your boss sends an email telling you he’d like to speak with you at your earliest convenience.

Sudden fear.

You pick up the newspaper and read the headlines about yet another innocent group of Christians being persecuted for their faith.

Sudden fear.

There are hundreds of scenarios in which we could find ourselves filled with sudden fear – that terror that falls over us quickly due to some event in which we have no control.  You’ve been there, I’m sure.  We all have.  We weren’t really prepared for the news or the event. Maybe we didn’t handle those situations so well in the past.

But for those future moments, we can prepare ahead of time, simply by hiding a secret piece of ammunition on our person – it’s the Word of God.  Open up your heart and tuck this truth away:

 Be not afraid of sudden fear,
neither of the desolation of the wicked, when it cometh.
 For the Lord shall be thy confidence,
and shall keep thy foot from being taken.
Proverbs 3, 25, 26

At that moment when the sudden terror wants to grab your heart, your emotions and your will, pull out the Truth that can enable you to handle this difficulty wisely and calmly.

  1. The Lord will be your confidence – Pray. You don’t know what to do, but He does!  He will show you the next step to take that will lead you to victory, rather than defeat. Turn to Him immediately and ask for His intervention and guidance.
  2. He’ll keep your footRest.  He’ll not let you slip!  Remind yourself that the Lord will keep you safe and secure.  “No good thing will He withhold from them that walk uprightly.”   Anything that He allows to touch your life has come through His sovereign hands first.  You are still in His grip.

The best way to deal with anything is to be prepared.  The Lord has given us everything we need to keep us from sudden fear – the Truth of His presence and the help of His hand!  Don’t be afraid!

What sudden fear has you quaking?  Pray and rest in these Truths today!


12 thoughts on “How To Deal with Sudden Fears

  1. I needed this Denise. I really struggle with being fearful. You would think that at 60 years old I would have realized just what you shared…and I am better than I was but it is still something I need that scripture for!!


  2. Please allow me to echo that this truth is just what I needed to hear this morning! Thank you for being used of the Lord to speak truth to me! 🙂


  3. Denise, thank you SO much for sharing this. Just recently I had one of those “sudden fear” moments. This is indeed a perfect scripture for those times.

    Would you mind if I shared this post (verbally) with my ladies’ Sunday School class? We are currently studying Joshua 1:9 and are right now dealing with facing our fears. This would fit in perfectly if you didn’t mind my sharing it.


  4. Denise thank you so much for this encouragement today. God is so good and faithful. Just today i had a sudden fear and a weekend of being anxious. I was awaiting test results and got the call today that it was benign. Taking a deep breath as the nurse said i have your test results and she said it was negative. I cried tears of joy. I thank you for your encouraging blog. It truly blesses my heart. Especially today to see how God is so faithful.


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