My Favorite Photos of The Week

The explanation of each picture will go across each row, left to right.
  1.  Last weekend my girls and I got together to collaborate on our Christmas baking. We got quite a bit knocked out and had a lot of laughs and fun in the process! Here they’re adding the touches to the sugar cookies. Yum! Sprinkles and colored sugar to top it off!
  2.  This year for our Christmas gift, my husband thought of the idea of getting season passes to the Biltmore House. We’ve visited a few times, but haven’t gotten to see every season there. So, Monday on his day off, we went to see the Christmas decorations. It’s breathtaking and we had such a great day. I love the grounds as much as the house itself. This covered walkway takes you down to the conservatory.
  3. This framed picture of the Biltmore Mansion is just up from the conservatory. The day turned from stormy to beautiful! We were so thankful to walk outside and enjoy the lovely weather!
  4. Each room in the conservatory has different types of plants. I Ooo-ed and Ahhh-ed all the way through it!
  5. For my Sunday dinner table I did a new napkin fold – the Candle. It was a pretty addition to the tablescape. My dad and I had worked on some new folds while I was visiting with him and my mom after Thanksgiving. He’s the King of Napkin folding! He has gone into linen departments in stores and folded napkins and left them on display!  =)
  6. Here’s my handsome date at the Biltmore!  What a blessing to have a husband who plans times for us to spend together. I am excited about our future dates riding bikes on the paths at Biltmore, visiting the tulip and rose gardens, and just lollygagging through the grounds! If you plan to go, wear comfy shoes. Take a light purse (a cross-body bag is perfect). Have a bottle of water in the car for after your tour, as well as a light snack – you’ll get a good workout!
  7. The picture of me and my girls was after our church’s Christmas cantata. Whitney came for the weekend. She was Alli’s page turner, or so they said. I think they sat over at the piano and entertained one another! It’s a sister thing!
  8. This is another shot of the outside of Biltmore.
  9. I think these were my favorite treats we made on our baking afternoon. These marshmallows were dipped in melted chocolate, then rolled in finely crushed peppermint. You drop them into hot chocolate for a yummy addition to your cocoa! Can’t wait to try it!

I’m so blessed!  What a special week this has been, and it’s not even Christmas yet!

What was your favorite event of the past week?



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