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The Ultimate Gift To Give

If you’re still struggling with gift ideas for some of the people on your Christmas list, I have a suggestion for you! It’s something I received in October from the ladies of my church –

  • It’s something I need today, but it will benefit me and others for eternity.
  • The size was extra large, but it fits perfectly.
  • It’s applicable for today, but it’s also perpetual.
  • It’s so practical, but it is more precious than anything money could buy.

What is it? Maybe you’ve figured it out?


One lady from my church is praying for me every day. They were given specific requests to pray on “their” day. Let me share an example of how I’ve recently seen God answer their prayers.


Last Friday the prayer request was, “Pray that God will bring godly friends and encouragers to her, to strengthen her for the ministry and to provide meaningful fellowship, accountability and times of rest.” On that day:

  1. My husband and I had been invited to go to a Christmas concert in Asheville, sung by a Messianic Jew. The music was uplifting and worshipful.

  2. We rode in our church van with eight other friends from church, enjoying fellowship and encouragement all the way there and back.

  3. While at the concert, I saw that Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth from Revive Our Hearts, was also in the relatively small crowd. After the concert, I made my way to her so that I might thank her for the impact her radio ministry has had on my life. That was such a blessing!

Do you see how those prayers were answered on that very day?! Not every prayer is answered in that way, but it was so wonderful when a friend (who happens to be praying for me every single day) reminded me of what the prayer request was for that day, and that God had answered!

I am covered by these dear ladies every single day at the Throne of God. I cannot tell you what that means to me. I need it. I am desperate for it. I am thankful to have it. What better gift could they give?

You might consider compiling a list for someone and telling them how you will pray for them each day for 31 days (or the whole year). Revive our Hearts has several lists you could choose – one for your husband, children, pastor, or pastor’s wife.



Definitive prayer.

It’s a gift that could really touch someone’s heart and change their life.

James 5:16 The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.

Whom could you bless this Christmas with the gift of your prayers?

With love,


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