A Christmas Evening to Remember

Yesterday I told you about getting to go to Asheville, NC to hear a concert by a converted Jew, Marty Goetz.  Below are pictures of that magical night at The Cove.  The decorations were so beautiful, and they were everywhere!

The snow we experienced was our first of the season – right on top of the mountain we were crossing.  It was festive and beautiful…and a little scary!  The Lord protected us, however, and we enjoyed its addition to this Christmas-y night!



It was a blessing to bump into and meet Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth and tell her what a blessing her ministry has been to me!

We have been blessed to attend several activities this month that have really allowed us time to worship and praise our Savior that was born that we might live.

How have you worshiped this Christmas?

With love,


4 thoughts on “A Christmas Evening to Remember

  1. Hi Denise, I love your pics! My sister lives in Asheville, I have to be sure to go to the Cove next time I visit her 🙂 One way I have enjoyed worshipping & focusing on the Lord this season is through a scripture writing program ( versus a reading program). Each time I sit to write the verses, not just read them, I am so blessed by the richness of God’s Word. I hope to continue this in the new year. I also want to memorize scripture – this has been a stuggle in the past. I hope you & your family continue to have a joy-filled Merry Christmas. Thank you for your beautiful blog and ministry here…I’m so thankful the Lord led me to RefreshHer 🙂


    1. What a neat idea, Jenny. Scripture memory is such a blessing. I need to do more of it myself. Praying you have a wonderful Christmas. Thanks so much for being a faithful reader and follower of my blog.


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