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Brighten Up Your House On A Winter Day

It’s easy to get a little down in the winter.  When the sunshine is scarce, the temperatures are frigid, and the daylight hours are minimal, our spirits can drop quicker than the outside thermometer.  We need to be aware of small things we can do that will not only be pretty, but will also help to cheer winter doldrums.


  • Buy fresh flowers occasionally.  I got the bunch above for about $3 at Kroger in their sale bin – and they’ve lasted more than a week!  I can tell you that that little bouquet has really perked the kitchen (and me) up! To have the color and the life is so encouraging!
  • Keep things light inside.  We always have our inside door opened during the day, but when it’s freezing, we obviously have it shut.  That means that the morning sunshine is shut out.  So I add put lights up high above bookshelves, down low, beneath a bench, and at table level.  In the morning I go around turning on the lamps so that it won’t be dark and dreary!


  • Burn candles for fragrance and add others for the atmosphere it will bring. Add them to your dinner table each night.  It’s probably dark when you eat, so add the ambiance while you can enjoy it!
  • If you have a fireplace, make a fire!  Nothing cozies up a space visually like a roaring fire!  Pull the furniture close and enjoy the warmth and the beauty!


  • Lift the shades and pull back the curtains in the morning!  Don’t block out the natural daylight.  Even if it’s cold, the sunshine or daylight will cheer your home and your heart!

Keep winter from making your spirit’s sag by brightening up your home!

What do you do to keep your home cheery in the winter?

Stay refreshed,

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