Marriage Matters in February

Marriage matters!  We talk about it a lot here on my blog.  It matters because it matters to our God!  If Christians don’t stand up and defend, first their own marriage, then the biblical view of marriage, then we have no right to complain when the state votes against it!

I love highlighting biblical marriages here.  I love showing what a healthy marriage should look like.  Note that I did not say a Perfect marriage, for none exist.  But if you and I value marriage as God does, then we need to be putting intentional thought into time with our spouse, intentional effort into respecting our husband with our words and actions, and intentional effort into keeping the love fresh and vibrant!

That’s why I’m encouraging my readers to Instagram pictures of ways they are showing Marriage matters to them.  There have been some great posts this month.  For whatever reason I’m not able to move those posts from Instagram to my blog, so I’ll share what I can visually, then tell you about a few highlights so you’ll have some great ideas of ways to make the most of your marriage!

  • The picture below was from my friend, Angie.  She found a recipe for Super Bowl snacking that she was pretty sure her husband would love.  She said how much it meant to him that she would plan a special food just for him!
  • Another friend made a coconut pudding for her husband that he loves, but she dislikes.  How thoughtful!
    Do you know what your husband loves?  Do you make an effort to please him – even if it’s something you might not enjoy?  That’s a rebuke to me, because it’s easier to make things I like, or that we both enjoy.  I need to do better at that!


  •  Whitney shared about the importance of getting fixed up each day – even if it’s a day she and her husband are sharing together at home.  Putting on make-up and fixing her hair for him shows that he’s important to her!  It’s easy to be a little sloppy if we’re not going out, but what a message it gives if we look sharp just for our husband!  That is a great tip from a young wife!
  • Another friend bought a special seasonal treat of Reese’s Peanut Butter cups in the form of an egg for her hubby.  What’s your husband’s favorite candy bar?  What does bringing home a treat while we’re out say to our husband?  “I was thinking of you in the middle of a busy day!”  This is a great way to show your priority of loving your husband over your children…bring him a treat in secret.  The children don’t have to have one every time you spoil him!
  • My friend, Kellie, plays the piano for her church.  Her choice of an offertory was especially for her husband who loves the song, Victory in Jesus.  So in the middle of a church service, her piano playing was in essence, playing a melody of love to him!  It’s a little wink, a nod to him, saying, “I knew you would love to hear this song!”  How sweet!
  • Something that my husband did for me last week was to send me a text (while we were both home!) to say, “I need someone to watch Fixer Upper with me.  How about sharing some popcorn, too?”  This is a show we both love to watch together, and it was fun to turn it into a special time as we dug into the popcorn bowl and laughed at all Chip’s antics together!

Again, whether or not you post your picture, I pray that these posts will remind you of the importance of being intentional (have I said that word enough today? Ha.) about pouring effort, love, words, and actions into your marriage.  It really does matter.

With love,

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