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The Happiest Place On the Earth!

I just heard a comment from a high school senior on her senior trip to Disney World say,

“This has to be the happiest place on the earth!”

Having been there I can understand her sentiment. With beautiful flowers everywhere, light-hearted music, Mickey and Minnie, fun food, fun rides and fun times. Of course it’s a happy place!

 There is another place that should be one of the happiest places on this earth –home. Home should be the most loving, secure and fun place for a child.

What will you do today to make it that way for your little ones? Are you homeschooling? Incorporate spring ideas into math or phonics reviews – put the facts on little paper kites made from construction paper and with each fact they get correct, let them hang the kite on the wall and let it fly! Perhaps you could give them a goal for the week – learning a certain number of new facts and then when it’s accomplished you and your child go fly a real kite.

Change things around today. Let your children eat their dessert first! Have lunch under the table instead of on it. Go to the library and get new books – perhaps books about spring, baby lambs or even a child’s cookbook. Read together in a new place – build a comfy spot on the floor with pillows and cushions or make a tent using all the kitchen chairs as props.

Play uplifting music – Patch the Pirate, The Donut Man, etc. Let the atmosphere of your home be encouraging for them. It’s easy to play what we like instead of what they would enjoy.

How about some fun food? Cut their sandwich into shapes using cookie cutters. Peanut butter and jelly can take on a whole new taste when it’s cut differently! Family Fun has tons of great food ideas for children.

Make your home the “happiest place on the earth” by taking time to be with your children and using creativity to make each day one they won’t forget!

Did you add a fun element to home recently that you could share?  We’d love to hear!


2 thoughts on “The Happiest Place On the Earth!

  1. I love this!! I work hard to make our home a retreat that we all look forward to going to and to do fun things with my toddler. I want them to always feel like home is their favorite place – cheerful, encouraging, bright and loving. I liked your ideas to change things/routines up a bit and involve the kiddos. I’m inspired to make some treats with my daughter this afternoon. Thank you 🙂


    1. Good for you, Whitney! I have such fond memories of the fun times I had with my girls while they were growing up. Home is just a great place created by God who has provided the best home for each of us!


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