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A Backyard Celebration

I told you last Friday that I had a fun activity planned for the weekend.  Today let me tell you about it!

Last fall a dear friend asked 31 ladies at our church to pray for me as I prepared to speak at The Wilds spring ladies’ retreat.  I had one lady praying specific verses and requests for me on each day of the month!  What an invaluable gift that has been!  I received a notebook with the names of each lady and what they were praying each day.  I was overwhelmed with the fact that they would invest in my life so richly!

As the ladies’ retreat approaches (it’s this weekend), I wanted to do something to express my thanks to this precious group of women, so I had a Spring Tea on our new patio area.  The Lord provided the perfect weather for the day – lots of sunshine (I think nearly everyone ended up with a sunburn though!), but the temps were so comfortable – in the high 70’s.  Only about half of the praying group were able to come, but we had a really great time together enjoying a light lunch, fellowship, and then a time of prayer.

Let me show you the group that came:


I set the food out on the covered porch and we ate out in the sunshine!



I’ll share the recipes next week, but here was one of the savory salads I made:


This is one of the many sweets I served:

Key Lime Tarts

I bought two bunches of flowers on sale at Kroger for $5 each and made an arrangement for each of the four tables.

See the sweet Scrabble coasters?  My talented friend, Vickie made those for me, and I thought they added a whimsical touch to each table!  I wanted her “there” somehow, and she was!  Thanks, Vickie!

I used my re-purposed coffee table for the beverages – a Peach Tea Punch, ice water and hot teas.

To say that I loved having everyone here would be a huge understatement!  This was my first official party on the new patio!  That was reason for rejoicing, but then to have these dear friends here who have prayed so much for me, I felt like that patio got the sweetest initiation ever!

To those of my prayers warriors who were not able to come, I missed you!  To those of you who have prayed for me, though you were not on the list of the 31 ladies, thank you!  I know I can do nothing, unless the Lord equip and fill my heart and my mouth.  Keep praying!  I need it so desperately.

I have cookies leftover, so stop in any time!  We’ll have our own tea party!




6 thoughts on “A Backyard Celebration

  1. What a lovely way to thank your prayer partners, Denise! And what a precious initiation for your new patio! I will look forward to the recipes when you share them — that salad looks amazing! And I will commit to praying for you as you speak this weekend. I have been so blessed by ladies’ retreats I’ve been able to attend, and I so I will pray not only for you but for the ladies you’ll be ministering to as well.


  2. Denise, thank you for including me in your heautiful patio tea. Yes, I would have liked to be there with all those special ladies. God’s blessings are wonderful and cheer our hearts like nothing else. I too have asked the Lord’s grace, wisdom and love to fill you as you speak this weekend. I know the ladies will blessed and encouraged. (As Samuel said, “Speak Lord, for thy servant heareth.) Thank you for all you do to serve our Lord and show others His abundant love. Please tell the laeies that I miss them, that they are special and I am praying esp. for this weekend retreat. The Wilds is a wonderful place to be alone with God. He is teaching me much about myself and His grace.
    Praying with love, Vickie


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