Using Pinterest To Help Your Closet

I’ve mentioned this idea before but I wonder, how often do you feel frustrated about what to wear?  I’m right there with you.  I feel like I can get into a boring routine of wearing the same things together.  Whenever I feel that way, I open up my PInterest account and find just the help and inspiration I need!  Let me expand the idea I’ve shared a couple years ago.   Here’s what I do:

  • In the search engine, I type in the main component of the wardrobe I want to wear, such as blue seersucker skirt.
  • I also add whether I need a casual outfit or dressy and add that to my search.
  • I hit “enter” and then scroll through its findings:

Salmon Pink Top:


red pencil skirt outfits | pencil skirt, red cardigan, leopard print pumps and denim shirt outfit:


seersucker summer | styleatacertainage:

The pictures above are ones I would click on because they’re my style.  I pin it onto my wardrobe board, then though I don’t have the exact components for each of these outfits, I may find something that’s similar in my own closet.

The other things that helpful in these Pinterest pictures are the accessories that go well with the outfit.  It may give a different color or style of shoe that I’ve never thought of before!  It changes things up and makes getting dressed fun!

Keep your wardrobe refreshed by letting your Pinterest account come to your aid!  It’s like having a personal assistant for your closet!

Refresh your heart this weekend by attending all the services at your Bible believing church!

Stay refreshed,

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