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Creating Vignettes in Your Home

vignette 2a

Last weekend when my daughter was here visiting, she took a picture of a vignette in my kitchen and posted it on Instagram.  As I looked at that photo, I realized that those little areas are really some of my favorite places in my home. Vignettes are  cozy little groupings that help tell my story, as I mentioned here.

Today I thought I’d walk you through my home and share some of those vignettes with you and then tell you how I go about creating those “visual stories.”

vignette 1

Using an odd number of items in a grouping is suggested by the experts (of which I am NOT!).  I just play with it until I like the way it looks.  Often that means doing and re-doing it!  You should also use items that are similar.  In this grouping, they are all items that are kitchen related – apples, tea pot, platter.

vignette 2

Different textures should be present – shiny candle holder, rough wood, silk leaves.

vignette 3


vignette 4

Pictures of family are part of my story that I like to include in my groupings.  When you look at the vignette above, you realize that without the fabric inside the tray, it would be all the same texture.  The cloth napkin softens it, as does the greenery.

vignette 5

Each part of my mantle has little vignettes that all work together.  They should be the same “theme” so they flow.

vignette 6

This is a shelf over the guest bed.  The setting for a grouping doesn’t just have to be a tabletop.  The top of the fridge, a bookshelf, or even a window ledge are all places where you can create a grouping.  Vary the height of the objects you use, as well as the depth.  Lining up everything in a row on that shelf wouldn’t have the same affect.

I love to change those vignettes all year long, but I try to keep in mind those key elements:

  • Use an odd number
  • Carry the theme
  • Vary texture
  • Vary Height and depth
  • Tell my story

I hope that inspires you to create some little areas in your home that create  homeyness and tell your story!

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What the Preacher’s Wife Wore

Here are five days of outfits from least week.  I hope these videos don’t just entertain you, but also inspire you to pull out some things you’ve had for a while and dress up for your husband, even if it means adding a scarf or necklace!

I don’t post these videos because I think I am a fashion guru, but only to encourage you to use what you have, purchase things on sale, and mix and match your clothes.  It’s a fun challenge to me to do all of that!

Let me know if you enjoy these videos and if you’d like to see them continue.

Refresh your outfits!

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Dazzling Ideas for the Holidays

Every now and again I get a good idea! I thought I would share three of those with you today that might help your holiday, too!

1. I keep two of those “under-bed-storage” boxes filled with my wrapping paper, ribbon, bows and tape. The other day while wrapping gifts on the floor, I realized that the top of one of those boxes would be the perfect place to lay the package and wrap it. I placed a fabric cutting guide on top to make it a flat surface, and it made it the perfect “table” for gift wrapping. So not only is this the place that is the central location for all of my materials, it is also the wrapping station!


2.  I love the Wet and Wild nail polish, especially the mega last. I love it because it REALLY does last! I recently bought a glittery nail polish for the holidays, because Christmas and New Year’s need a little glitter!

  • wp-1482241618399.jpg

I layered the glitter over the color just to add a little sparkle. It was just enough without looking over the top. If you’re looking for a way to dazzle up your look a little, add some sparkle in your nail polish! It’s a fun addition!
The colors shown here are:  (the one in the back) Undercover – I love it because it goes with pinks or reds.  The Glitter doesn’t have a color, the only thing on the bottle is “Shine,” but the bar code is 77802 54803.


3.  My last idea was concerning decorating my bedroom mantle. I didn’t want greenery and all that kind of Christmas decor, but just some winter touches. I changed it, then changed it again, and then again. I think I finally have it in a way I love. Here’s what made a difference –


  • Grouping my Willow Tree collection together on one end. If you scatter a collection, they get lost; grouping them together shows off their beauty.
  • Adding a pop of red also gives the mantle that effect. It needed something on that end, and red roses are perfect for Christmas!
  • If something doesn’t look right in your decor, keep “fluffing” until you love it. Group like things together, let the heights vary so your eye moves up and down. Add a pop of color.
  • Oh, and add a cat in the room and it will ALWAYS be the perfect touch!  =^..^=

I hope one of my “dazzling ideas” inspired you! I’d love to hear if they did! Now carry on with your Christmas preparations!

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That Looks Good On You!

You put on your new blue blouse, which happens to accentuate your blue eyes, and all day long you hear, “That color looks so good on you!”  Or you find a dress that fits you perfectly and step out from the dressing room and your teen daughter says, “Oh Mom! That dress looks like it was made for you; that looks so good on you!”

Image result for full length mirror in dressing room


We love it when we find that “just-right look,” don’t we?  I have something for you to wear that will look perfect on you – as a matter of fact, I have God’s Word on it!

Rejoice in the Lord, O ye righteous: for praise is comely for the upright.
Psalm 33:1

To be “comely” means attractive.  This verse is telling us that praise looks good on a believer of Jesus Christ!  I’ve made plenty of bad fashion choices in my lifetime, but when I use my mouth to praise the Lord, I’ve put on a perfectly beautiful accessory that will always look good!

How have you used your words today?  Are they negative, complaints, whining or sarcastic?  That doesn’t suit you, if you know Christ.  Run to the dressing room of prayer, ask for forgiveness, then use your mouth to praise the Lord for Who He is and what He is doing in your life.  That will look really good on you!

With praise to our God,

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No-Sew Pillow Cover

Watch the video below to :

  1. See a simple no-sewBolster Pillow cover that I made recently.
  2. See the coolest (as in temperature) way to wear a scarf in summertime
  3. Hear about a fun activity I’m participating in this weekend!


Here’s the tutorial about how to braid a scarf.

Check out my finished pillows in the picture below:


The fashion show in Jonesborough is on the back patio of Type A, 123 Main Street, Jonesborough.  If you’re not busy come over and see the cute things that will be modeled.  It’s free and it will be so much fun! It starts at 11:00.  Amber, who owns Type A will also be talking about Closet organization – something most everyone needs a little more of!  Come early so you can get a seat!

Stay refreshed,

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My Favorite Things

Don’t you love it when you find something you’ve been searching for for a very long time?  I want to share with you  a couple of the items that had been on my search list and then one other fun item that is too good a deal not to share with you!

#1.  I had purchased an outdoor rug some yers ago for my front porch that was only about 3 x 5 and cost me $65 – which is steep in my book.  I really wanted to purchase a similar rug for my patio, but didn’t want to spend a fortune on it.  My sister put me onto Lowe’s patio furniture area that had huge outdoor rugs for $30!

I made my way to Lowe’s as quick as I learned about this.  Sure enough, there were several patterns and colors available and for only $30.  Here’s the one I came home with.  I’m loving it! I believe its size is 5×8.




#2.  White jewelry for summertime is so perfect, but I had a really difficult time finding white earrings that weren’t either too huge, or too small.  I was at Charming Charile’s on our vacation and came across their buy one get one free sale!  I found the perfect set  – a tassel necklace and matching earrings that were gold and WHITE!  Chances are if you see me two days in a row, one of those days I’ll be wearing this duo!


Do you own a tassel necklace?  I’m probably a bit behind the rage, but I’m glad I’m finally on board!  I love this one.

#3.  Lastly let me show you what I stumbled across at Big Lots this week.  I’m a gonner when it comes to pretty dishes.  I’ve really held myself back since we moved, but since we eat outside on the back porch so much I thought it would be nice to have some outdoor (unbreakable) plates.  TJ Maax had a turquoise set I loved but they were more than I wanted to pay.  Then when I ran into Big Lots for something else entirely I saw these for only $2.50 each.


I bought the lunch size and they’re also perfect for salad or dessert.  I got four and my have to go back for four more so I’ll have enough to use when we entertain outside.  They also had yellow, and I’m thinking I may do half and half. Pretty dishes can make even a simple meal more special!

So there you go!  Who else is on the quest for a special item?  I hope my recommendation helps someone with their search!

Stay refreshed,

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