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Blessings Of A Parson’s Wife

appreciation basket

Being a parson’s (pastor’s) wife is a blessing.  My joy comes from being able to stand alongside a man who:

  • Loves God and has given his life to teach and preach God’s Word.
  • Shares Truth to bring change to troubled hearts.
  • Sacrifices his time gladly to run to help those in need.
  • Obeys God’s principles in his private world, just as in the platform God has given him.
  • Sees his ministry as 24/7
  • Makes his wife his first ministry.

Then there are blessings of the ministry itself – 

  • Seeing a lost person come to Christ!
  • Seeing hard hearts softened by the Word of God.
  • Watching the Church come together for the cause of Christ.
  • Laboring with the saints.
  • Watching God answer prayers that we have prayed corporately.
  • Seeing the church grow and flourish.
  • Worshiping and praising God together.
  • Fellowshiping with the church.
  • Close relationships built because of our bond in Christ.

I could literally write on and on, but I want to hit on one other area of blessings – it’s the Grace blessings that we get to clip so very often.  It’s those blessings that we feel undeserving of, and certainly aren’t looking for.

One of them happened this past Sunday.  Our church celebrated its 61st anniversary, and during the dinner that followed (another blessing of the church!), my husband and I were honored, as were our daughter and son-in-law (our youth pastor).  It was just because of their appreciation for our service at Boones Creek.  The church wheeled in a huge basket for each family that was wrapped almost too beautifully to rip apart!

However, we loaded it into our car, took it out to our back porch and spent the next hour opening cellophane bags containing cards, gift cards and precious gifts.  These were not collective from the whole church, but from individuals.  How each addition to that basket touched our hearts!  Hand written notes of appreciation and thanks, home-baked bread,  jam, maple syrup, treats of all sorts, gift cards to favorite restaurants, stores, and coffee shops…all things our church family knew we would love.  We literally wept with gratitude for their kindness.

The fact that everyone added their contribution made it so special to us.  It was like a personal visit with each one, and our hearts were humbled to be thought of so lovingly and generously.

Being in the ministry also brings many heartaches, and I would be remiss to pretend that every day is full of blessings, but I am also so thankful for God’s timing.  When our hearts could be overcome with the burdens and cares of the sheep under the parson’s care, Our Shepherd steps in and shepherds us.  He reminds us that we are not alone, and that we will One day stand before Him to receive the full reward of our work and labor for Him here.  Oh, it will truly be “worth it all!” Without the hardships, the blessings would not be nearly as precious.  So, I’m thankful for the hard times, and I will choose to learn from them, but not focus on them.  I will look into the precious face of Christ and thank Him for putting it into the hearts of our church to be a blessing at the perfect time to this parson and his wife!

Let me end with two notes:

  1. I want to say thank you to my dear church family for your love and encouragement to us this past weekend.  God used you to spur us on, and to remind us of the family that we are when we are unified around the Person of Christ!  Thank you from the bottom of our overflowing hearts.
  2. If you are a parson’s wife, put your eyes onto the blessings of ministry and off of the troubles.  When we focus on the hardships, the difficult days and people, we will want to quit.  Look to Christ and remember the last time He shepherded you, just like your parson is caring for your flock.  Christ is there.  He hasn’t forgotten you.  Look at the Letter He left to tell you so.  Jeremiah 31:3 Hebrews 6:10

So very blessed,

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What the Preacher’s Wife Wore

Here are five days of outfits from least week.  I hope these videos don’t just entertain you, but also inspire you to pull out some things you’ve had for a while and dress up for your husband, even if it means adding a scarf or necklace!

I don’t post these videos because I think I am a fashion guru, but only to encourage you to use what you have, purchase things on sale, and mix and match your clothes.  It’s a fun challenge to me to do all of that!

Let me know if you enjoy these videos and if you’d like to see them continue.

Refresh your outfits!

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Family Friday – Ten Things This Mom Would Do Again

My daughters a.jpg

My mommy days are behind me now, and as I’m watching others in this special, yet demanding role, I have done some reminiscing over the years when my girls were young.  I have plenty of regrets, as all moms do, but I’m not going to dwell on those, because I can’t change them, and because doing so would not fall under the Philippians 4:8 things I should think about!  It’s in the past. But there are things that were so good about those days.  As I think back, I remember things that we did that I would definitely do again, if I had the chance.

Here they are:

  1. Be a stay-at-home mom.  I’m so thankful that I was there for all but 9 months of both of my girls’ lives.  The nine months I worked were the longest months of my life!  I hated being taken away from my family and my home.  I was under a teaching contract, and I kept my word to the prinicple, but when the school year was done, so was I!  My husband and I decided that it was best for me to pour into our own children, rather than someone else’s!
  2. Be relatively poor.  Does that sound strange?  I would have never anticipated saying that!  Our churches did the best they could to care for us, but when the girls were young, things were tight.  Very tight. As I stated above, I was a stay-at-home mom, so we lived on my husband’s salary alone.  We homeschooled, so we had book fees and satellite costs, which were a large chunk of money every year that we never had on hand.  We were in ministry all those years, and we needed time away – times to rest and refresh as a family and recharge our spiritual batteries and physical bodies.  We had growing girls and we entertained missionaries and guest speakers, so groceries were another cost that stretched us.  Where did we get the money for these things?  We prayed.  Our inefficiencies ran us to our all-sufficient God.  He provided for us in amazing, life-changing ways!  Had we had all the money we wanted or needed, it wouldn’t have taught us to depend on Him so greatly.  Being needy turned into a great blessing.
  3. Read aloud to my girls.  One way we entertained ourselves at bedtime, around the kitchen table, in the car, or on a blanket in the backyard was through books.  We read a varied kind of books, and they were carefully chosen, and opened a whole world to us, even while we stayed home.
  4. Use God’s Word in discipline.  We always sat down and talked with our girls in their bedrooms at discipline times.  We explained from the Scriptures what they had done wrong that God considered sin.  This kept us from acting quickly out of anger (we sent them to their room and we’d cool off before addressing the issue!).  They knew it wasn’t just that mommy and daddy didn’t like what they did, but they saw it in God’s Word, and it guided their thinking and changed their behavior.
  5. Laugh and have fun.  We had lots of laughs as a family.  I should have laughed at myself more, but we shared many fun times around games, out in the snow, in the car playing the alphabet game, baking in the kitchen, or building a fire in the backyard.
  6. Be faithful to Sunday school and church.  It’s not just because we’re a ministry family that we went to church.  We love being in God’s house and with God’s people!  Worshiping, singing, reading Scripture, giving our tithes, and fellowshipping with other believers helped all of us to grow!
  7. Show outward affection and say, “I love you.”  We’re a “touchy” family, in that we hug and love on one another.  Using words to express love between parents and children is so important.  Our children learn how to love by watching us.  The first place they should feel acceptance and unconditional love is at home.
  8. Leave the girls once in a while to go on a date with their dad.  We were making a stronger home for them, and they lived through the trauma of it all!  A parent can feel really guilty leaving a crying child, even though they’re in great hands with grandparents or other caring adults, but without those times away, your relationship will get stagnant, and you’ll only discuss things like empty milk jugs and unfinished homework!
  9. Spend time alone with God every day.  When the girls were small, this time was limited, but I would read what I could and pray over each of my family.  Sometimes it came a verse at a time, with interruptions in between.  Sometimes my prayers were while I was ironing their clothes.  It was then that I’d pray for the one whose clothes I was pressing.  I often left verses on cards around the house so I could meditate on that passage.  Those “little moments” fed my soul and kept my heart right with God so I could parent them and point my girls to Christ.
  10. Marry my girls dad.  I let them know often how much I loved their daddy and how God brought us together.  He had to be my first priority because that’s God’s order.  Why?  Because God knew that I’d be where I am today – an Empty nester, and He wanted my home to be just as fulfilling now as it was when our daughters were here.

And you know what?

It is.

What are you doing right now that you know you’ll be glad you’re doing as a mom?  Keep doing it!  What are you regretting?  Ask God how to change it and watch for how He steps in!  

Refresh your children by being the mom God will enable you to be by His grace.

With love,

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Throwback Memories of My Weekend in the UP

Yikes!  I haven’t stopped to share about my weekend in Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan almost two weeks ago!  Let’s fix that today!  I’ll share some of the highlights of that great time with some really special ladies!

I went to Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan to speak for their “Ladies Day.”  Traveling and speaking is never anything I ever sought out to do.  The Lord has put this privilege before me, and I have loved it so much.  I always learn far more than anyone I speak to!  For that reason alone, I am so thankful to my God!  But I would never/ could never travel if I didn’t have the support, encouragement and prayers of my husband.  He cheers me on every step of the way.  The picture below was on our way to the airport when we stopped to have lunch before he dropped me off.  What a man I am blessed with!

Michigan 1.jpg
It’s all about the People!
My friend, Kellie traveled with me and she was such a blessing.  It’s lots more fun navigating a trip with a friend at your side!

Th next picture of the pretty blonde is the sweet young woman who invited me to her church.  Lisa was a member here at our church until she got married and her husband moved them waaaaay up north!  It was a joy beyond compare to be with her for the weekend, to see her church, her home and her heart for God!

I met lots of precious women.  I won’t post them all here, but they were welcoming, open to God’s Word, and very friendly to this Tennessean!

Michigan 3
The decor
The ladies used the white birch around them to help decorate the platform for their theme “Deeply Rooted.”  They had verses about being rooted in God’s Word all over – on the bulletin boards, in frames – everywhere.  They did a wonderful job carrying the theme throughout the whole church!

Michigan 4
The Fellowship
Part of the blessing of a weekend like this was fellowship with other ladies.  Aside from our main sessions and workshops, we had times of sharing a meal, a dessert, and a game.  That’s when you really get to know others!  We had lots of fun together!  We played a game using our purses.  You know, it’s amazing what some people carry in theirs (that would be me!)

Michigan 2
The SNOW!!!
There was plenty of snow all weekend!  They had a few flurries while I was there, but the piles have been there since December.  As we say in the south – Bless their hearts!  It sure was beautiful – but then I got to leave it after a weekend and come home to green grass!

There’s nothing better than serving God!  Look where He takes me!  Look who allows me to meet!  Look at what He teaches me in His Word!  I never would have dreamed that I’d be so blessed, but isn’t that just like our God?  He surprises us over and over and over!

FBC ladies, thank you for having me.  Thank you for being such a blessing to me.  I am the richer for it!


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Friday Favorites

Last weekend I had the joy of attending and speaking at the Pastor’s Wives Retreat that I shared about earlier.  The location of the retreat is perfect because it’s quiet, it’s beautiful, and truly restful.  Here is a collage of pictures from the three-day retreat:


From top left to right –

  1. Alli went with me and did all the music.  She is so gifted and the ladies were so blessed by her songs.  What a blessing to get to serve with her at a retreat!
  2. We had an hour in which I instructed the ladies how to have a personal prayer retreat.  The questions inside the pamphlet we used are piercing and get right to the heart.  I think it may have been the best hour of the whole weekend!
  3. This is the lodge where our sessions and meals were.  The view of the mountains revealed some leaves changing colors.
  4. When the retreat was ended, Alli and I took a little hike.  The scenery on this road definitely points to the truth that it’s fall!
  5. The chalet we stayed in is my favorite one because it’s so remote.  My favorite place is always the front porch in a rocker.  Alli and I spent a good deal of time out there.  Friday afternoon a little rain rolled in and that made it even cozier!
  6. The little creek is really low since things have been pretty dry this summer, but it was still pretty.

The stress of getting ready for a retreat is pretty overwhelming.  When it’s behind me and I get home, it feels so good to get into my “normal routine” of walking and being home.  Monday morning this was my view as I exercised :

Morning walk.jpg

The spiders had been REALLY busy the night before because there were webs all along that fence!  It was really pretty though because the dew hung on the delicate lines of their traps and the sun was shining through the light fog.  Nothing better than walking with a gorgeous view!

I really enjoy my herb garden and it’s done super well this summer.  This week I went out and harvested more of my herbs and I also made up a couple of arrangements, adding some flowers from my yard, as well as the fragrant herbs.


I love having my flowers and herbs around the house.  I placed this one on the night stand beside our bed.


Does anyone else herb garden?  How do you utilize your bounty?

Tonight our church is hosting the Cry Out! event that Revive our Hearts is doing in Indianapolis.  I am excited to join women in prayer as we petition God for revival in our own lives, our churches, homes and world!  Anyone can watch Revive our Hearts live simulcast.

Stay refreshed this weekend as you seek the Lord in your local church!

Happy fall,