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Friday Favorites

Last weekend I had the joy of attending and speaking at the Pastor’s Wives Retreat that I shared about earlier.  The location of the retreat is perfect because it’s quiet, it’s beautiful, and truly restful.  Here is a collage of pictures from the three-day retreat:


From top left to right –

  1. Alli went with me and did all the music.  She is so gifted and the ladies were so blessed by her songs.  What a blessing to get to serve with her at a retreat!
  2. We had an hour in which I instructed the ladies how to have a personal prayer retreat.  The questions inside the pamphlet we used are piercing and get right to the heart.  I think it may have been the best hour of the whole weekend!
  3. This is the lodge where our sessions and meals were.  The view of the mountains revealed some leaves changing colors.
  4. When the retreat was ended, Alli and I took a little hike.  The scenery on this road definitely points to the truth that it’s fall!
  5. The chalet we stayed in is my favorite one because it’s so remote.  My favorite place is always the front porch in a rocker.  Alli and I spent a good deal of time out there.  Friday afternoon a little rain rolled in and that made it even cozier!
  6. The little creek is really low since things have been pretty dry this summer, but it was still pretty.

The stress of getting ready for a retreat is pretty overwhelming.  When it’s behind me and I get home, it feels so good to get into my “normal routine” of walking and being home.  Monday morning this was my view as I exercised :

Morning walk.jpg

The spiders had been REALLY busy the night before because there were webs all along that fence!  It was really pretty though because the dew hung on the delicate lines of their traps and the sun was shining through the light fog.  Nothing better than walking with a gorgeous view!

I really enjoy my herb garden and it’s done super well this summer.  This week I went out and harvested more of my herbs and I also made up a couple of arrangements, adding some flowers from my yard, as well as the fragrant herbs.


I love having my flowers and herbs around the house.  I placed this one on the night stand beside our bed.


Does anyone else herb garden?  How do you utilize your bounty?

Tonight our church is hosting the Cry Out! event that Revive our Hearts is doing in Indianapolis.  I am excited to join women in prayer as we petition God for revival in our own lives, our churches, homes and world!  Anyone can watch Revive our Hearts live simulcast.

Stay refreshed this weekend as you seek the Lord in your local church!

Happy fall,



2 thoughts on “Friday Favorites

  1. Hi Denise. Thank you for sharing your Friday favorites. Is there any chance you might share on your blog about how to have a personal prayer retreat? This sounds like such a blessing. I also love your arrangement in the mason jar – such beauty 🙂


    1. Hi Jenny, thank you. I love my simple arrangements; God’s creation is breathtaking, isn’t it?! I’d love to share about the prayer retreat! Thanks for asking; it’s a precious time with the Lord!


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